150201 – Liberty or Security?

Today’s Items:

Cuban Backfire On Obama

Raúl Castro is demanding that the U.S. return the Guantanamo Bay military base, end anti-Castro radio and television broadcasts, and compensate Cuba for the economic damage they have suffered. In short, in negotiations with Obama, Raúl Castro knows a sucker when he sees one. After all, like the military’s silent response at Obama’s jokes at Hagel’s retirement ceremony, it’s hard to respect a person who bows to America’s enemies while alienating its allies.

China Gold Imports

While Hong Kong net gold exports to mainland China were indeed down 32%, at 750 tons, in 2014, for the last year, there have been other routes; such as, Shanghai and Beijing, that play an increasingly important role in Chinese gold supply. In short, do not be fooled about China’s gold demand going down.

Signs of Coming Depression

Here are some signs of the coming depression…
1. The Baltic Dry Index has fallen to the lowest level in 29 years.
2. Industrial commodities, like copper, continue to plunge which almost always happens before an economic downturn.
3. Orders for durable goods are declining.
4. Volatility has returned to the markets.
5. Almost every major currency is imploding.
6. A number of “emerging markets” are in danger of having their debt downgraded.
7. The 700 trillion dollar derivatives bubble.
8. There is a resolution in Congress not to bail out State and local government employee pensions or post-employment plans.

Where the Money Went

The largest amount of personal consumption spending during the fourth quarter of 2014, was not housing, transportation, or food. At over 20 billion dollars, it was for healthcare, or Obamawreck. In addition, Obama’s White House thugs are going to unconstitutionally exempt more people from Obamawreck penalties as new anger rises with the tax-filing season.

Anti-Vaccine Parents Dropped

Despite the vaccine inserts, and other evidence, showing that vaccines are all but useless, and may be dangerous, some doctors are in the process of ‘firing’ those patients who do not allow their children to be poisoned err… vaccinated. Since doctors are being pressured to inquire about guns from their patients, how long before gun owners are dropped? Also, will they also refuse service to the illegals that are bringing these forgotten and new diseases into the country?

Police Unions

In another example of how out of whack things have gone, a Georgia Police Union spokesperson essentially stated that people can have peace and safety, or they can Or be free of flashbang-burned toddlers, but not both in response to a Georgia state senator announcing a bill to limit the use of no-knock warrants. Those who give up liberty for peace and security deserves neither.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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