150129 – Bankers

Today’s Items:

ISIS Threat

ISIS is threatening to cut off Obama’s head in the White House. They’d have better luck finding him on a golf course than the White House.

House of Sand

According to Stephen Moore, chief economist at the Heritage Foundation, the U.S. economic recovery is a ‘house of sand.’ This is the slowest economic recovery in 50 years that is being fueled by trillions of dollars in debt. It has been 10 years since Middle-class Americans have seen a pay raise that has kept pace with real inflation.

Dollar Dies in 2015?

Here are a few of the 10 reasons why Jim Willie believes the U.S. Dollar will not survive 2015…
1. Russia jumped off the Petro-Dollar recycle wagon.
2. The Swiss have set up a major Chinese currency trading center in Zurich.
3. The Greeks have prepared to exit the European Union and to default on debt.
4. Germany has offered a trade union proposal to Russia that bypasses the U.S. trade pact.

Snow Job Conditioning

According to Gerald Celente, the recent closure of New York City, due to a blizzard that never materialized, shows that people are being conditioned not to question authority. Authorities stopped trains running from New York to Boston and police were searching for a suspect house-to-house, without a warrant. People were even arrested, or fined $300, for driving in Providence, Rhode Island during that time.

Republicans Lie

Republicans, under the leadership of Boehner, have backed down from several immigration campaign promises as they seek to suck up to Obama. Who could have not seen this coming?

Deserter Deserts

The soldier, that was traded for five high-ranking Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay last spring, is facing charges of desertion. White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice declared that his service was marked by “honor and distinction” on national television. So, from this, desertion is a desired trait by Obama and his thugs?

Cancer for Profit

Many are waking up to the fact that the conventional treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments, are a death sentence for most critically ill cancer patients. Now, a doctor has confessed in court to intentionally misdiagnosing healthy people for cancer in order to get them on chemotherapy treatments. This is because doctors have a financial incentive to get people on these treatments. Second opinion anyone?


There appears to be an unusual number of suicides and “unexplained” deaths among Western bankers whom most are relatively young and in good health. Last year, 36 bankers died. There have been 3 already this year. Perhaps, the same people who believe this is a coincidence also believe Harry Reid had an accident with an exercise machine?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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