150111 – 28 Pages

Today’s Items:

False Flag

From lines painted on the street next to the getaway car, the fake shot to the head, and the sounds of the AK-47, the whole Paris shooting story is ridiculously falling apart. Could this be why the Paris police chief, investigating the shooting, committed suicide? As Rahm Emanuel said, ‘you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

Baltic Dry Index

The Baltic Dry Index, that provides an assessment of the price of the moving of major raw materials by sea, has never been lower at this time of year. Of course, we will probably be told that it was just over supply.

The Fed is Trapped

Eight times a year, the Fed meets and warns of possible rising interest rates; however, the repercussions on the national debt would be disastrous along with causing a recession; thus, don’t count on it.

28 Pages

Upon seeing the 28 pages on 9-11 classified by President Bush, Representative Jones said the 28 pages would embarrass the Obama administration. Representative Massie said, when reading the pages that he had to stop every couple pages and absorb and try to rearrange his understanding of the last 13 years. Graham called the refusal of the Bush or Obama Administrations to release the documents a “pervasive pattern of covering up the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 by all of the agencies of the federal government. Looks like the pot may blow on this folks.

Widening Wealth Gap

The median wealth of upper-income families totaled $639,000 in 2013 which is 6.6 times the median wealth of middle-income families of $96,000. The gap was only 4.5 times in 2007 between the two groups. The primary reason for the wealth gap and for the financial crisis in general has been the Federal Reserve’s expansionary monetary policy under Benji Bernanke.

Touch ID Hack

Please watch the video, by Mark Dice, that describes how Apple’s Touch ID can be fooled by fake fingerprints taken from Facebook photos. In addition, federal courts have allowed police to force a person to touch their iPhone in order to access it using the Touch ID. In short, keep the password if you have a smartphone. Speaking of smartphones, the Cicret Bracelet acts like a tablet as it projects the apple like interface on your arm which is pretty cool.

Ocean pH Levels

In any field, truth is the enemy of those with less-than-honorable agendas and the climate change scare is no exception. We have been told that the dropping pH levels would make the ocean food chain collapse which would make the global food chain fall apart. Now, thanks to Mike Wallace, a hydrologist with nearly 30 years’ experience, we now have empirical data, that was withheld by key scientists, that shows since 1910 ocean pH levels have not decreased in oceans as carbon dioxide levels have increased. Of course, to many,fake but accurateis the norm.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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