150108 – Bacon Smell?

Today’s Items:

Euro Troubles

German Chancellor Merkel publically announced that Germany, the biggest economy in the Eurozone, was prepared for Greece to exit the euro while other German politicians, knowing that a major debtor is about possibly default, are very concerned. In addition, Mario Draghi is hinting that deflation is taking hold in the Eurozone and QE may be necessary.

10 Events

Here a few of the events that preceded the last financial crisis that are happening right now…
1. A really bad start to the year for the stock market.
2. A substantial decline for 10 year bond yields.
3. A broad range of industrial commodities declining in price.
4. The price of oil crashing.

CDC Contamination

Another safety breach has occurred at the CDC testing lab in Atlanta. Perhaps twelve technicians working in a Level 4 lab may have been exposed to the Ebola virus after specimens were mistakenly shipped to the wrong location in late December. The CDC is trying to save face by promising to report on the investigation in one month.

Carbon Tax

Americans cannot get a break. Gas prices go down and we get bastards, like former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, who want to screw Americans with a carbon tax. In addition, Republican Bob Corker wants to raise the gas tax by 12 cents over two years. Both political parties are advocating raising taxes. Yes, these waste-of-skins want to steal more money while Americans are trying just get by and save a little. Speaking of savings…

Desperate Times

If an unexpected expense such as a $500 car repair or a $1,000 emergency room visit were to happen, only 38% of Americans have enough in their savings to be able to pay the bill. 26% would have to reduce spending elsewhere and 16% would have to borrow from friends or family. In addition, 62% live paycheck to paycheck.


John Boehner, in defending his actions, actually stated that he the most anti-establishment speaker we’ve ever had. Well John, you might as well be wearing a stained blue dress while wiping your mouth off.

Pork Bullets

For those annoying times when you have a Islamic terrorist threatening you, please use pork-coated bullets; so that, they can die with the great smell of bacon.

4 Things Prior to Dollar Collapsing

Here are, without any detail, four things one should consider before the coming economic collapse…
1. Make an honest evaluation of the necessity of your job if there is a collapse.
2. Reduce your debt, or better yet… Get out of debt completely.
3. Make sure you have a sizable food stockpile.
4. Review your investments.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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