141130 – Swiss Vote Fail

Today’s Items:

Pint Size Hatred

Please watch the video of a 10 year old pint-sized preacher yelling at the people that they should go to the battlefields of jihad and kill the enemies. This ISIS supporter goes on to say that men should martyr themselves for Islam and then will be married off to 72 wives from among the black-eyed virgins. Brainwashing at its finest folks. Guess the little bastard doesn’t know that it’s not 72 virgins but 72 grapes.

Preacher Boy

Speaking at Morgan State University, self-proclaimed minister Louis Farrakhan weighed in on the Ferguson protests. In seeking peace, he stated “we’ll tear this god (BLEEP!) country up!” Nice blasphemous talk preacher boy.

Swiss Fail

At 78%, the Swiss population overwhelmingly rejected a referendum to force the Swiss National Bank to hold some 20% of its reserves in gold. So, the gold manipulation can continue folks… Who knows, we may yet see $500.00 gold soon.

CEO Revolt

Leading U.S. CEOs, angered by Obama thugs, are threatening to side with anti-Obamawreck forces. Major U.S. corporations have broadly supported Obamawreck because of wellness programs; however, like the vast majority of government programs, they start off with good intentions and eventually turn ugly.


Charles Schumer, the third-ranking member of the Senate Democratic leadership, admitted that Democrats made a strategic mistake by passing Obamawreck instead of focusing on the economy. Of course, he still loves this communist wet dream of socialized healthcare.

Post Mortem Gun Control

The Buffalo police department will be running a cross check between the death records and gun permit holders; so that, they can confiscate guns of deceased gun holders. They are, of course, doing this in the name of public safety. As one Buffalo attorney pointed out, if the police come to your door without a warrant signed by a judge, you don’t have to let them in or give them anything.

IRS Documents

According to the Treasury Inspector General, some 2,500 documents that ‘potentially’ show taxpayer information was shared with the White House. This is another indication that both the IRS and White House were working together to harass taxpayers opposed to Obama.

All Is Well

Well, SGT Report has done it again. With 100 million Americans at least using one welfare program, 50% of American workers earning less than $28,000 dollars a year, and total U.S. household debt at $11.7 trillion dollars, he, like myself, hope many today’s clueless Americans well as they buy some useless crap because all is well… Not!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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