140804 – Game Changer

Today’s Items:

European Banking System

These four items should be sounding alarms with the European banking system…
1. Private sector lending is dropping sharply in the Euro-zone.
2. The Bank of International Settlements has issued warnings about European banks and their balance sheets.
3. Bad loans are rising.
4. European banks using risk-weighted assets to overstate the banks soundness and resilience in stress assessments.

Gas For Land

Germany and Russia may have been working on a secret plan to broker a peaceful solution to end international tensions over the Ukraine.    The plan would trade Crimea’s sovereignty for guarantees on energy security and trade.     At the same time, the Ukrainian President would agree not to apply to join NATO.     Looks like the CIA may insert more of their Blackwater thugs to thwart this deal.


Chinese silver inventories grow increasingly tight as stocks at the Shanghai Futures Exchange continue to fall to record low levels.     In fact, they are 90% depleted!    Since this exchange behaves as a physical delivery market, look for silver to become very scarce as China accelerates their international silver shopping spree.

Complicit GOP

Here are a few things that the GOP is allowing…
1. NATO, under the U.S., is contracting with Taliban heroin smugglers.
2. The U.S. backing of the ‘Arab Spring‘ from the beginning.
3. The creation of a genocidal army that is murdering Christians and any Muslims that oppose their rule.

Obama defends CIA Chief

Obama jumped to the defense of his CIA director John Brennan after admitting that the agency illegally domestically spied on the U.S. Senate.      Obama actually had the nerve to say that the CIA was under “enormous pressure” to prevent terrorist attacks.    The lawless regime continues…

Global Warming Hype

A four day United Nations event, attended by 130 environmentalist groups produced a lengthy report that can be summed up into two words…     End capitalism.      In addition, with confirmed global temperature stagnation, IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde wants people to pay more for energy to reduce greenhouse gases.


EmDrive appears to be a highly efficient propellant-less propulsion system that converts microwave energy into thrust inside a sealed chamber.     This system would be a complete game changer in spaceflight; in that, it appears to violate Newtonian laws of physics, in particular the law of conservation of momentum.     In short, more laws are being broken.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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