140728 – Obama Tax Lie

Today’s Items:

Swap Agreement

The world community continues to distance themselves from the U.S. dollar as the Swiss National Bank and the People’s Bank of China reached a currency swap agreement.    While this may not be a major turning point, think of it as another step that will lead to the downfall of the dollar.

U.S. Households

The inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical U.S. household was $87,992 in 2003.    Ten years later, it was only $56,335, or a 36% decline.   94% of the U.S. population now have less wealth while 4% have more.    When only a few people are winning and more than half the population is losing, surely something is amiss.

Missing Gold

Due to a so-called ‘accounting’ problem, Africa’s largest refinery discovered 2.7 tons of gold missing.   What is even more interesting, is that no one seems interested in getting to the bottom of this.

Fake Applicants

The U.S. Government Accountability Office, recently conducted a study in which investigators attempted to use fake identities to sign up for Obamawreck. The results were not surprising; in that, all but one phony applicant was successful in getting enrolled.     In addition, Obama thugs are forcing insurance companies to remain quiet about the fraud that is Obamawreck.

Obamawreck Lie Exposed

Obama has repeatedly denied that the surtax is in fact actually a tax; however, the newly released draft of the 2014 IRS form shows a new surtax on line 61 for the individual mandate for Obamawreck.    How do you know when Obama is lying?    Whenever he opens his mouth.    Speaking of lies…

Don’t Blame the Fed?

Despite the QE that went to bail out Too-Big-For-Jail banks, the near zero percent interest rates, and other shenanigans, former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan still insists on blaming the people for the economic and financial havoc.    Get this, he actually said that bubbles are a function of human nature.    The historical record makes absolutely clear that Greenspan panicked time and again when speculation reached a fevered peak in financial markets.    Instead of allowing the free market to cleanse itself, he and his gang repeatedly flooded Wall Street with liquidity and jawboned the speculators into propping up the casino.


A Federal Appeals Judge in the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wants guillotines and firing squads to be used for execution.    Of course, with ammo prices, the firing squad option may not be financially sound.    In short, time is short and shouts of ‘off with their heads’ will soon be heard.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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2 thoughts on “140728 – Obama Tax Lie

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  2. scott, wait wait wait. bout the Guillotines.
    i’m afraid they will be using on the people i/o the elites and the corrupted. whose guillotines are they?

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