140331 – Sinking Ship

Today’s Items:

Japanese Gold Scramble

Japanese consumers know what is the best defense against runaway inflation and its not the dollar.      Gold ingots are up 500% in just one month in that country as Japan’s Debt-to-GDP ratio is at over 227%.    As 100 million Japanese now race to physical gold, just imagine the affect on gold prices.

Physical Silver

Richard Russell says that he is buying physical silver right now.     Seeing what is going on, he is a big fan of constitutional money while it non-backed fiat can still buy it.    So, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Russian Payment System

Because of sanctions, Putin is backing a national payment system to protect Russians from payment disruptions caused when VISA and MasterCard cut ties with Russian banks.    This action only allows Russia to more freely drop the dollar for all trades – signaling another nail in the dollar’s coffin.

Nail Gun Suicide

The 57 year old CEO of American Title Services, whose firm was under investigation by insurance regulators, committed suicide with a nail gun.    So, did any of those robo-signing shenanigans have anything to do with it?    We will see.

Reid Lies

Senator Reid took took to the floor stating that he never stated the many Obamawreck horror stories were lies; however, thanks to C-SPAN, there is video evidence that on February 26th, he did just that.     If this bastard can’t keep his lies straight within a month’s time-frame, you know things are going south for him.

Maryland Abandons Obamawreck

After spending 125 million dollars on their Obamawreck exchange website, Maryland officials appear to have decided to drop that disaster, run by ACORN workers, and go with another system.     In short, Maryland officials appear to be ready to double-down on stupid as no one may never be held accountable with the 135 million dollar theft.

Sinking Ship

With record high inventories, a fraud investigation and massive recalls, GM CEO Mary Barra must be suspecting Dan Akerson threw her under the bus as he left the sinking ship.     She may be attempting to clean house as GM sent word to their dealers to halt the sales of the 1.4 Liter turbo charge Cruze for no apparent reason.    A possible pattern is emerging where a guy messes up a situation and a woman takes the fall…    Think Bernanke to Yellen or possibly Obama to Clinton?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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