140328 – Pope Meets Dope

Today’s Items:

The Greatest Crisis

China realizes it has the same enemy that Russia has and it’s Washington.     The attempts of the U.S., and its allies, to isolate Russia on both the economic and political fronts, is only causing the Russians to prepare for war.     By openly ridiculing Russia, Obama is showing that he is not fit for the office of the President as he is provoking confrontation that could blow the whole world up.

False Flag War

It turns out that someone was able to record a conversation, and put it on YouTube, between the Turkish military and political leaders discussing a possible false flag attack to launch a war with Syria.    Yet another black-eye for the CIA’s attempt to destroy the sovereign country of Syria.

Pope Meets Lying Dope

The Pope met with the Joke err… Dope err… Obama in a tense meeting.     The desk that they were seated at spoke volumes as there were no comfy high backed chairs as they faced each other.    After a thousand years, the church knows how to send those subtle messages.    Wonder if Obama bowed and kissed the Pope’s ring.

Is This a Joke?

With the latest unconstitutional extension of Obamawreck, Boehner asked if this was a joke.     No John, its your pathetic weakness that invites Obama to do whatever he wants.    Also John, this is Obama trying to save his Democratic supporters in the upcoming midterm elections.

Postal Service Managers

The Postal Service had 100 billion dollars in debt and unfunded health benefit liabilities at the end of the last fiscal year; however, this did not stop postal service managers from using government travel cards to gamble, pay personal bills and go bowling.    For example, one manager racked up 32,000 dollars in gambling debt with her government travel card.     Of course, you can expect Congress to bail out this enterprise headed by criminals.

Pharma Text Generators

It appears that Big Pharma, the FDA and medical journals have been publishing bogus study reports using auto-generated text generators.      Needless to say, if this is true, then many of the so-called peered-reviewed information on healthcare may have the same level of factual integrity as Obamawreck.     This likely means that all of those new expensive procedures and medicines may have the same benefits as applying leeches at this point.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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