140307 – Inconsistant FDA

Today’s Items:

NSA Attacks 1st Amendment

NSA director Keith Alexander openly wants any speech that involves national security issues to be illegal.     So apparently, if you thought the Vietnam conflict was a bad idea, it would be illegal for you to voice your opinion on it?

Health Records Sellout

In the UK, personal health records appear to have been sold to Facebook and Twitter; so that, specific ads can target their intended audience.     47 million people don’t have a clue that their hospital history has been used to target ads on Twitter and Facebook.     At least we know that private health records are secured under Obamawreck.

Blocking EPA?

The House GOP are moving to block the EPA from shutting down power plants across the country because of their anti-American stance.     With that said, even if they succeed in passing a bill in the House, it is dead on arrival at the Senate.     In short, this is just an exercise for the gullible.

Mandate Vote

A bill, that allows for opting out of Obamawreck passed the House by 90 votes.     Again, even with high level of support during an election year, one can expect this bill to be dead on arrival at the Senate.


It appears that Obama, has given up trying to sucker the youth into signing into the Obamawreck scheme for now.      Instead, Obama is calling on all illegal aliens to sign up for Obamawreck – saying that the information will not be used to deport them.      How do you know Obama is lying?     When his lips are moving.

Welfare Pay

Have you ever wondered how much you can make by just giving up and living on Welfare?  Well, in 35 states, welfare payments exceeds minimum wage.    For example, in Hawaii, one can get over 60,000 dollars a year.     In New York, Rhode Island, or New Jersey, it is over 43,000 dollars.      At some point, it will break.

‘Scientific’ Evidence

A recent study conducted by Yale University’s School of Medicine proves that the FDA’s approval process for testing new drugs is extremely inconsistent.     For example, some drugs required “high-quality” clinical trials, while about a third received approval on the basis of just one clinical trial.    With the divergence of testing policies, one term that comes to mind to describe the FDA’s policies may be “Pay to Play.”

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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