131221 – TSA Propaganda

Today’s Items:

Bargain Buying

Quite a number of investors in China have been waiting in the wings for a bargain-hunting opportunity, and now they are scooping gold up after the 4% price drop this week and a 29% drop this year.   In fact, China is has taken physical delivery of over 2000 tons this year, which is almost 75% of 2013 world production.    So, if Western Central Banks keep this paper selling up, all of those western gold vaults will be completely empty in a few months time.

U.S. Economy

The U.S. economy grew at 4.1% annual rate from July through September, the fastest pace since late 2011.      When one considers that the Fed pumped 85 billion dollars a month into the economy, and this is what we got, it should be interesting to see the figures in 2014.

NSA On the Ropes

Even with the ’60 Minutes’ puff piece and pro-statist politicians, like Diane Feinstein, people are beginning to see the unconstitutionality of the NSA’s massive spying program.     Between the Courts and independent boards, people are rising up against this tyranny.     In short, it may be a matter of time before Edward Snowden is vindicated, unless the NSA ensures Snowden has a heart attack, courtesy of the CIA.

Stop, Scream, and Go

The pedophiles and perverts, at the TSA, have put out a kiddy propaganda cartoon showing that the TSA is not scary.    Of course, they avoid some facts; such as, the cancer causing back-scattering X-Ray machines, TSA pedophiles feeling up children and TSA agents stealing people’s belongings.    Nothing scary there.

Walmart Obamawreck Kiosk

Several Walmarts, including one near where I live, have this new Obamawreck kiosk.     What is very disturbing is the fact that it has an RFID scanner right where the right hand would be.    It’s a safe bet that the RFID scanner is not there to self-checkout groceries.

Obama Caves Again

The latest unconstitutional change in the Obamawreck law has Obama allowing Americans to buy bare-bones plans or entirely avoid the insurance requirement…    For now.    Could it because momentum is fizzling on this communist plan and the customer pool in Obamawreck is getting smaller and sicker?     We will see.

Doctors Running For Congress

Amid the Obamawreck fiasco, doctors are hanging up their stethoscopes to run for Congress.     Doctors are in a very unique position to look at the financing of healthcare; as opposed, to the psychopaths and sociopaths in Washington in both political parties.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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