131220 – 10 Years?

Today’s Items:

White House Panel Report

Hidden within a report that a White House panel released was the following…
1. The idea that the NSA is stealing industry secrets.
2. The idea that the NSA is manipulating bank accounts.
3. The lack of transparency in government.
So, how did this report get past Obama and the NSA?

Economic Stats

Previously owned home sales fell 4.3% last month to an annual rate of 4.9 million units.    This is the lowest level since last December and the third monthly fall in a row.     In a separate report, initial claims for state unemployment benefits during the Christmas hiring season, have increased by 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 379,000.  If this were released a few days ago, the Fed’s tapering may not have happened.

55 Trillion Dollars

Officials at the CFTC state that technical errors, at so-called swaps data repositories, have lead the CFTC to misreport the overall size of the swaps market by under-counting its size by as much as 55 trillion dollars – a figure equal to the world’s GDP.     Naturally, this discovery makes a mockery of such transparency enhancing initiatives as Dodd-Frank.    Could the Fed’s tapering of 10 billion dollars a month have been a distraction?    Speaking of Tapering…

Fed Taper

According to Bill Fleckenstein, Benji Bernanke, as he exits, may have wanted to be able to say he started winding down QE.     The stock market currently has total confidence in the Fed; however, if that shifts, then there would be a lot of trouble when the economy slows down and the Fed expands their balance sheet even faster.

Eight Taper Effects

Here are a few…
1. Interest rates are going to go up.
2. Home sales are going to go down more.
3. After the initial euphoria, stocks will go down.
4. Expect the cost of living to go up.

Obamawreck Tricks

Because Obamawreck actually diminishes choices, people are going to find out that they will be severely restricted in their ability to travel and where they can live.   For example, because of lack of out-of-network medical coverage, people could be restricted where they can travel or vacation.     Many did not see this coming as unrestricted movement is a birthright of our liberty.  So, with all the tricks being discovered in Obamawreck, someone should tell Michelle Obama that Obamawreck is better suited for Halloween – rather than Christmas.

10 Years

It is just a thought; however, because the U.S. Constitution states that a person can serve as President for 10 years.    If a national crisis were to happen, Obama could stay in office beyond 2016.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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Thank you.


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