131206 – Barter Not An Option

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13 Year Cycle

According to Ron Rosen, gold is showing signs of a 13 year cycle.    Starting with 1974, then 1987, then 2000, gold went down, only to shoot right back up.     In short, gold is bottoming in its cyclical bear phase inside of its secular bull market.

Number of Banks

The too big to jail banks have a larger share of the U.S. banking industry than they have ever had before.    The number of banks has gone from 18,000 to 6,891 from 1985 to today.     Also, the number of active branches are going down…    Mostly in poor neighborhoods.

Mind Its Own Business

For the first time in 50 years, the majority of Americans believe the U.S. should mind its own business.     Americans are sick of war, they are sick of treaties that benefit everyone, but Americans.    Support for U.S. global engagement, already near a historic low, has fallen further.    Of course, without global engagement to tie the dollar with oil, the U.S. dollar’s perceived value would will drop like a rock.

Young Turning On Obama

Mounting opposition to Obamawreck among young adults is creating a new crisis for the White House.     The Obamawreck website’s problems has reinforced young adults doubts about the need to have health insurance at all.      A poll found that more than half of 18 to 29-year-olds disapprove of Obamawreck and believe it will raise their healthcare costs.     Without young healthy adults paying into the Obamawreck ponzi scheme, the system will collapse very quickly.    No wonder Obama is calling on the nation’s bartenders to booze up their customers to sign up for this scam.

Greenspan Baffled Over Bitcoin

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Allen Greenspan does not understand the Bitcoin bubble.    He claims for something to be worth something, it has to be backed by something.    Well Allen, until 1971, the U.S. dollar was backed by physical gold…     Other than broken promises and threats, what is the dollar back by today?

Barter Not An Option

This video clearly illustrates why bartering when it hits the fan is not an option.    The key point is that both parties must be able to walk away from a deal with something they want.    Other than food and ammo during a time of chaos – which everyone needs, commerce will be very difficult.

Distrust of Obama

In a recent poll, Obama’s approval has gone from 53 to 41%.    Hispanic approval of Obama has gone from 75 to 52%^, or a 23% drop.    Among Blacks, it is a 9% drop.    Perhaps, one reason that Obama’s approval ratings are plummeting is because Americans’ distrust of Obama is growing.    You think?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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One thought on “131206 – Barter Not An Option

  1. i agree but I MUST add SILVER is WHAT YOU WROTE — times ten!!!! The world is awash with gold! Four times as much physical gold exists than physical silver (flipped since 1990 due to worked out silver mines and industry using silver at an ever increasing rate – less than two percent of silver is recovered after use. ALMOST impossible to recover!. Estimate to recovery one SINGLE ounce after use in industry >$10.000! Why? A computer has about an ounce of silver but in 500 places! (i.e. I.C. chips etc.).

    99% (estimate) of the world’s gold is still in the ground! >2% of world’s silver of 3,000 BC today exists ANYWHERE! MOST silver mines are now empty and closed – empty or AWFUL, YUCK! POOR quality.

    Silver is one of the eight light metals (I am an engineer including metals) and earth tectonic movement naturally pushes silver UP! Almost no silver is found below 200 feet. BUT gold is a heavy metal. The deeper you dig there is STILL gold. Deepest mine in world (South Africa – 3 miles down – miners say “gold veins INCREASE as we dig”. Why not keep digging? It is 140 degrees F. @ 3 miles down there! YOU go dig!

    PLUS oceans have flecks of gold evenly distributed. Gold in world’s oceans totals TEN times all known above ground gold of today! BUT neither Au or Ag is magnetic. NO easy way to attract it into clumps. Chemical process that does it is VERY expensive.

    There is NO substitute for silver. It is the lowest electrical resistance metal. Gold is #4. Copper is #2. Alchemists have searched for the “secret” of turning lead into Ag or Au for 5,000 years! Progress? ZERO. The new metal graphene? NOPE! Not the savior for silver or gold. It does other REALLY neat things but does NOT replace silver!

    BTW – a computer with NO silver 100% copper would run slower than the Pong game famous in 1972!

    So WHY is silver $20/ounce? JP Morgan, and TPTB, COMEX etc. WANTS it to be CHEAP! ILLEGAL MARKET MANIPULATION! THEY EVEN (accidentally) admitted it! “Metal COPS” are supposed to be the COMEX. They are among the worst offenders! There are NO silver (nor gold) “police”. WHEN will silver go up? As I say, the world now has >2% remaining. PROOF: No one can today buy a LARGE qty of Au (ie 100,000 ounces) but you could buy millions in 2001!. Wait times are STRETCHING out and out! Call dealers and ask how much silver stock they have! They will just quote you weeks (or months) for “delivery).

    When Intel Apple etc. SUDDENLY has to shut down production lines due to no physical silver — prepare for chaos and anarchy (at least economic). Crooked governments will quickly pass laws making private holders of silver FELONS and attempt to seize their holdings! GOOD LUCK! It will all be buried where it will take God 30 minutes to find it. Felony conviction? PROVE I still own silver! MY silver? OH MY – a SAD, SAD STORY! I took it ALL on a boat to stash it at sea but a terrible storm came out of nowhere and the boat sank. It was summer and I floated in a life raft for eight hours. Oh it was awful! But I lived. My silver is gone. Every ounce of it! I’ve even rented a private submarine to look for it. I drifted for hours. I had NO GPS! NO clue where it is! Oh whoa is me!! I’m near poverty! Got you crying yet? The jury will cry too seeing photos of me living in my $2,000 trash trailer, eating beans and wearing rags. Amazing! I have heard the EXACT SAME “my boat sank!” story 100 times!! How can this be!

    Seriously, eventually Intel Apple etc will have two choices – either go to the Black Market for silver (Mafia type thugs) and pay “middle men”) or FOLD their mega dollar companies with stocks currently at $600/share – stock would drop to a penny! As the CEO of Apple would YOU let that happen? OF COURSE NOT! WOULD YOU DEAL WITH THE CORLIONE BROTHERS TO GET THE SILVER YOU NEED TO KEEP RUNNING? OF COURSE! Or have really nasty felons “collecting” Au for you “no questions asked?”.

    Factoid problem: as much as government will BLAME “greedy nasty criminal private hoarders of silver” – they will act as if investors have 5000 tons stuck away. Wrong. 100% of investor owned silver in the entire world would keep “industry” running ONE extra year. Industry uses a LOT of silver. MORE than investors buy! ONE MEASILY YEAR! THEN WHAT! As an engineer I can tell you the REAL future and there is light at the end of the tunnel decades away but the story is Long. Think first “fiber optic light beams replacing silver then organic grown memory replacing silver. GROW computers! NEAT – an organic computer would run a millions faster than one with silver. Fiber optics? Maybe 10,000 times faster. Your organic phone will have a million tims more computing power than the world’s FASTEST CRAY computer of 2014! Wow!!! BUT not now! Circa 2060. 2020 to 2045. NOT GOOD. Remember the technology of 1955? We will have THAT. We needed almost NO silver in 1955 watching tube filled Philco TVs. Welcome (back) to 1955! At least Leave It To Beaver will have NEW episodes. “Beav” is now 65 years old and the dad has been dead for 20 years but hey there is Wally and the gang! Neat!

    I can say with assurance reading hundreds of mining company reports, I have even visited scraggly EMPTY ex-silver mines! I read EVERYTHING! <2% of Au on earth 3,000 BC still exists. NO! gold will NOT take its place. Nor can you build a computer with paper silver (i.e. ETFs SLV or PSLV). It is illegal but done every day to sell SLV ETFs with NO physical silver behind it! Dirty little secret (not much of a secret!). FACT: there is currently 10,000% MORE outstanding shares of paper silver than all of the physical silver on earth in the ground or above. PROOF is EASY to look up. Each ETF share is SUPPOSED to be convertible to real silver. READ THE FINE PRINT! Fine print says "if you request physical silver (or gold i.e. ETF GLD) WE HAVE THE SOLE RIGHT TO PAY YOU INSTEAD IN PAPER FIAT CURRENCY! Since 2012 COMEX has paid out in paper currency to those who demand physical BUT add a premium on the provision the person doing the redemption NEVER tells anyone he/she was instead paid in paper money – NOT physical. SLV only allows physical redemptions of 250,000 ounces and above. Below that they give you dollar bills. READ the fine print!!!!

    BUT in spite of that promise of secrecy the payment in cash has "leaked out" many times. How do they keep silver suppressed? Whenever silver spikes up they sell boat loads (pun – I now hate boats!) of NAKED Au ETFs (99% SLV as Eric of PSLV is an honest guy – PSLV is the ONLY honest paper silver although I would still not buy any)!

    WHEN will you know "the end is near?" When the #1 crook JPM goes heavy duty LONG on silver, Wall Street dumps as much paper silver on the smucks on Main Street USA THEN they all wait for Intel to scream "WE HAVE NO MORE SILVER! OMG! THE WORLD IS ENDING! CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER! IT IS OVER! WHERE'S MY GUN? OR THE NEAREST BUILDING WITH 14 (13) FLOORS?). As silver goes to the MOON in price! Ready?

    End of story — print this out and tape it to your wall?

    IS there still scattered GOOD quality silver in the ground? YES! Not much but YES! EXLLF is the best company IMO. LOW float = undiscovered. NO PR!! 5,000 share days are normal! Great company with one of the few untapped silver veins left in the world. I keep buying in SMALL amounts. I CANNOT buy more than 5,000 shares in a single day w/o upsetting the price! 14,500 on Friday caused a 10% jump! What would 100,000 shares do? I am STUPID to divulge EXLLF as I just cost myself $$. But I own a lot so others can have some. NOW it will commence its climb up and up. Any other silver stocks? A few. Small. I'm buying many! NOT the ones that are scams – call themselves "exploratory silver mining stocks". Means they own ZERO ground much less a working mine! Sub-penny stock usually run by crooks. Use crooked newsletters to do "pump and dump" (look it up).

    With Au at <2% remaining IN THE ENTIRE WORLD and silver usage increasing 30% a YEAR and zero inventory in any warehouse anywhere in the WORLD (US sold its LAST Au in 1994 – thank you Bill Clinton – cost the USA billions)!

    Also, astronomers have spotted an asteroid billions of years out they say is 99% silver! Minor problem. Get to it! BUT there are actually several companies raising money to mine the asteroid as it is due to come close to earth in about 2020.

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