131203 – Drone Season?

Today’s Items:

Common Currency

Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have decided to announce a common currency, similar to the Euro that is pegged to the U.S. Dollar, by the end of December.     With the dollar losing its world reserve status and the fundamentally flawed Euro, it makes one wonder what rock these people were under for the past 5 years.

Gold Bitcoins

The UK Royal Mint has been working on plans since last summer to issue gold-backed physical Bitcoins.    It is proposed that each gold Bitcoin would have about 800 dollars worth of gold in the event that the digital currency collapses.     Naturally, the UK Mint is not quite eager to disclose full details while the plan is still being finalized.

Delay In Treasury Auction

Something out of the ordinary happened; in that, the U.S. Treasury’s bond auction had to be extended another day because of a technical error in the Treasury’s auction system during a live auction.    So, was it a technical failure or no credible buyers of U.S. Treasuries with near zero interest rates?     What do you think?

15 Signs Of The Peak Stock Market Bubble

Here are a few…
1. The total amount of margin debt has risen by 50% since January 2012 and it is now at the highest level ever recorded.
2. The U.S. stock market is repeating a pattern that we have seen many times before.
3. Facebook is trading at a valuation that is equivalent to approximately 100 years of earnings.

Christmas Inflation Indicator

Over the past 30 years, Christmas inflation, according to the PNC’s 12 days of Christmas price index, has matched the CPI at around 2.9%; however, in recent years, there’s been a divergence.     The price of Christmas in 2013 is up a stunning 7.7% over 2012 – the biggest jump since 2010 that saw a 9.2% increase.    Of course, because of the paper price manipulation, you can still beat the Christmas gift inflation, temporarily, by giving physical gold and silver.

Drone Delivery

Did you hear about Amazon wanting to launch drones to deliver packages?    This video shows some things that can go terribly wrong with the use of drones in delivering packages.    At any rate, hopefully the code within those drones is better than the pirated code for the Obamawreck website.    So, will Amazon start arming their delivery drones when they begin to be ‘accidentally’ shot down?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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