131202 – Launch Code

Today’s Items:

India’s Gold War

Over the past year, Indian Central Bankers have been at war with the Indian population over gold.    Even though gold import duties have risen tenfold, along with new rules for purchases, Indians know what is going on.    According to some estimates, the 329 million Indian households are hoarding 18 to 20,000 metric tonnes of gold, or 50% of the country’s GDP.     The resulting measures, and hoarding, have lead to a scarcity of physical gold in the country with gold premiums reaching 130 dollars an ounce.

Long Term Game

Eastern countries, like China, are playing the long-term game with gold while the West is playing a very short term game.    As the U.S. dollar continues to lose its world reserve status, paper shorting of commodities, like gold and silver, will become less effective.    In fact, the price action will move from the paper to the physical market – a completely different paradigm than the paper.    The actions by the U.S. are becoming desperate; therefore, after preparing, get physical.

Obamawreck Website

Well, December 1st has come and gone and the Obamwreck Identity-theft website is still having issues.    Not only is it still running slowly on its pirated code, it can only handle 50,000 users at a time.    Makes you wonder, how this stressful law, designed to reduce people’s stress, has not been repealed yet.    Make no mistake, the problems people are seeing with this law, are a feature, and not an accident.

Obamawreck Motel

We are to believe that many Democrats, in Congress, are distancing themselves from Obama, because of Obamawreck.     Remember, these are the politicians who voted for a bill without reading it.     In short, those who voted for the Obamawreck have checked into the Obamawreck Hotel, but they can never check out.

Armageddon Code

The U.S.’s secret launch nuclear launch code, to authorize the launching of nuclear missiles and starting World War III, was frighteningly simple.    From 1962 to 1977, the combination was just eight zeros.    Hell, Joshua, from WarGames, could have launched those missiles instantly.

Amercian Preparedness Facts.

55% of Americans believe the government will come to their rescue when it hits the fan.    44% of American house holds do not have first-aid kits.   48% lack emergency supplies.  53% do not have a minimum three-day food supply.    If it hits the fan, one may have up to 2 days to be able to ride out the storm of civil unrest.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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