131122 – Marxist-Care Fails

Today’s Items:

China and Gold

At over 1,100 tons of gold purchases, China is projected to surpass India as the world’s top gold consumer this year.     The pace of gold purchases continues as China looks to diversify its holdings away from U.S. Treasury bonds.    China shouldn’t worry about the U.S. fiscal situation because its not like there is talk of scrapping the debt ceiling.

Scraping The Debt Ceiling

Obama has stated that the U.S. should scrap the debt ceiling, which he described as a ‘loaded gun’, and people know how much he despises both guns and the U.S. Constitution.     Imagine an average American teenager, with a unlimited credit card, and that is what Obama wants.

Bitcoin Acceptance

While the U.S. Senate holds fraudulent hearings on Bitcoin, there is growing acceptance of the digital peer-to-peer crypto-currency in the broad market place.     While drugs and assassinations are the headline-grabbing reasons, others are using Bitcoin too.     In fact, Cyprus’s largest university will start accepting Bitcoin as an alternative method to pay for tuition fees.

Obamawreck Prostitute

Knowing that she is not up for re-election until 2018, Senate Democrat Claire McCaskil, even after millions received cancellations to their health insurance, has decided to prostitute herself, for Obama, and state that Obamawreck is a “free market solution”.     No, she was not wearing a blue dress when she said that.

Why It’s Failing

The Obamawreck website, otherwise known as Identitytheft.gov, is failing for the same reason that the Soviet Union failed. Central planning, the Marxists or Obama way, will always be a recipe for disaster.   For example, in 2011, Britain abandoned efforts to nationally computerize medical records after spending 20 billion dollars.    Obama has yet to learn the lesson that central planning is not possible in a complex economic and social environment.    Then again, there’s a lot of things Obama needs to learn.

New Gun Regulations

The ATF will not comment on the content of new regulations dealing with lost, or stolen, firearms.     The idea is that owners could state that their firearm were just discovered as missing; however, they do not know when it went missing.     In short, when it comes time for a possible national gun confiscation, they don’t want people to be able to claim missing firearms.      So, now may be the best time for you to accidentally  ‘lose’ those firearms and ammo before the likely national gun confiscation.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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