131111 – Veteran’s Back

Today’s Items:

Mass Exodus from U.S. Bonds!

The bond market is a giant bubble that is fueled by unprecedented Fed money printing.    The exit of money, in huge amounts, is a clue that the bond bubble is bursting as seen with the 128 billion dollars that has left U.S. bond funds since June.     The bond bubble has been growing for many years and when it starts to unravel, no central bank or government can stop it.

Doctor Dump

As the Obamawreck betrayal continues, we are finding out that that insurance companies are being forced to dump doctors off their lists and those death panels will have to be created.     Those arrogant politicians, who voted for Obamawreck, will be hearing from enraged seniors – who are the ones mostly effected.

Wall Street Code

To get an idea of how Wall Street in run by computer algorithms, and not by the traders, please watch this scary video.

Bitcoin Robbery

Bitcoin, like cash, is very hard to trace.      While this is good for many reasons, if stolen, it is impossible to recover as in the circumstance of one person who had over 1.1 million dollars worth in Bitcoins stolen from him.      To that end, please be careful with your NSA hacked passwords.

American Law and You

Please watch this video on how the law is designed to make you a slave to the system.    Chris carefully outlines how your birth certificate and other laws are designed to enslave you.    It is interesting that you, as a person, are considered, under the law, to be cargo.

Executive Orders

Because his agenda in his second term is effectively dead, Obama has nothing to fall back on than to just issue a bunch of Executive Orders to make everyone’s life miserable.    To that end, look for the EPA, and other alphabet agencies, to increase their obstruction to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

American Gulag

Over the past few decades, the U.S. has become a massive gulag.     There are over 1.57 million people in Federal and State prisons.    That number exceeds the 1.53 million engineers and the 1.05 million high school teachers.    It also exceeds the 750,000 car technicians as well.

Veterans’ Backs

Obama, the pathological liar, is stating he is making it his mission to ensure America has the back of its veterans.     Remember, this is the same bastard that wanted to take guns away from veterans.    In addition, this is the bastard that ordered the barricades to the open-air World War II Memorial during the government shutdown as he played golf and supported killing the Veterans Administration.     So, does Obama have the veteran’s backs or just want to stab them in the back again?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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