131109 – Crocodile Tears

Today’s Items:

Crocodile Tears

After weeks of complete chaos in the healthcare arena, Obama is now personally apologizing for millions of Americans losing their health coverage; however, he knew, back in 2010, that 93 million Americans would be unable to keep their Health Plans.     In addition, the new lie err…   Claim is that the law could not have accounted for insurers altering existing plans after passage of the law.    Personally, I’d rather have an apology for all the promises Obama has kept.


Edward Snowden used login credentials and passwords, provided unwittingly by colleagues at a spy base in Hawaii, to access some of the classified material he leaked to the media.    Snowden may have persuaded between 20 and 25 fellow workers at the NSA regional operations center in Hawaii to give him their logins and passwords by telling them they were needed for him to do his job as a computer systems administrator.    Another excellent example of the excellent job the NSA is doing in securing U.S. government information systems.

The Economy

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, even though the official bogus unemployment rate rose from 7.2 to 7.3%, our economy added 204,000 jobs last month, well above the expectations of most economists.    In the real world, nearly 50 million Americans have no choice but to accept nutritional food assistance from the government, and another 50 million are taking some form of distribution from the government.   So, how about those 204,000 jobs?   Are they quality jobs or dead-end jobs that pay minimum wage?    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out folks.

Massive Wealth Destruction

According to Egon von Greyerz, as stock markets are booming, fueled by unprecedented liquidity, the financial system is under more pressure than ever.    Tax revenues have grown by 2.5 times, since 1981, while the national debt has grown by 17 times.    Needless to say, this is a system that is not going to last; therefore, be prepared accordingly.

EMP Defense

Please watch this video to see how you can protect some of your electronic devices from a possible EMP event.     It may help clear up a lot of misconceptions out there.

Six Tips for Choosing Supplements

Here are a few…
1. Choose additive-free supplements
2. Choose supplement formulas that have been tested
3. Choose a manufacturer that only uses the highest quality ingredients

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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4 thoughts on “131109 – Crocodile Tears

  1. Re EMP. This is accurate BUT a major over kill. I am a EE and worked as a research engineer for the AEC 40+years ago. I was in the group who named “EMP”. Over the years I’ve built many shielding devices. I owned a company and made my living for decades selling shielding devices and filters. I even built pure silver Faraday rooms for the AEC costing millions of dollars (when silver was under $2 an ounce). Over the years I have designed and built hundreds of RF/EMP/EMI shielding devices, products, parts etc. A few years ago I stumbled onto the absolute best and cheapest EMP shielding product of all. A no tech 31 gallon Galvanized Steel trash can from Home Depot. I now own four stocked full of electronics. With the lid on they measure >minus 131 decibels of attenuation. As low as my test equipment will go! Ten decibels better then the pure silver Faraday room of years ago. To test, place radios that receive AM, SW, FM and cellular inside a can. They should all be dead quiet except for static. If you want to spend money and have a weekend project build a Faraday box, cage or even a room. Or just go to Home Depot and buy GS trash cans. MUST be GS — not plastic or other materials. I have several YouTube videos (channel w0tm a zero not the letter o) with one describing the GS trash can. gyantis at gmail com No need to bury nor ground the cans. Just don’t let antennas or batteries touch the metal of the can for obvious reasons.

      • Feel free to ask me any questions re EMP. I have a book on Amazon Kindle re EMP. I’m not an expert on much but EMP is probably among the few subjects where I’m considered to be the “go to” guy. I’ve written dozens of articles on EMP. A ham operator for 54 years I KNOW lightning and EMP protection.

      • Cadmium and boron are strong nutoren absorbers and are the most common materials used in control rods. Boron Melting Point: 2300.0 CCadmium Melting Point: 320.9 CI will suggest to inject the boron rod into the reactor. But it is not guarantee that it will work now.

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