131007 – 1st Trillionaire

Today’s Items:

FOREX Rigging

Switzerland’s financial markets regulator is working with authorities in other countries to investigate possible manipulation in the $5 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market potentially involving multiple banks.    Banks manipulating currencies?    No, not after LIBOR?

Government Shutdown?

Everyone is under the mistaken impression that government shutdown means that the government is shutting down.    It turns out, after all of the political and media BS, that only 17% of the government is shut down.    In fact, Obama’s government operated golf course is fully open for business.  This is not a government shutdown, this like off-season working hour schedule with Congress to give back-pay to those workers that have been furloughed.    Until the lights are turned out, there is no government shutdown.

Increasing QE

Michael Pento believes that the Fed will not taper back on its bond purchases, but actually expand it.    The revenue gap of 750 billion dollars in 2013 makes it unlikely that the debt will ever be paid down.   Now, with black hole projects like Obamacare, things are going to become far worse for the nations fiscal situation.    Political and financial leaders are willing to steak their reputations that raising the debt ceiling will solve the nations’ problems; however, their steak is nothing more than cheap hamburger.

TSA In Action

A 9 year old boy was able to to board a plane and fly from Minneapolis to Las Vegas alone and without a ticket.    It was the flight crew and not the blue shirted fools, known as the TSA, that became suspicious.    How the hell does the TSA supposedly keep Americans safe when they don’t know what the hell they are doing.    Answer…    They don’t!

10 Prepping Mistakes

Here are a few…
1. Having a false sense of security.
2. Failing to get immediate family on board.
3. Ignoring the “boring” prepping areas like first aid skills.
4. Never actually using your preps.


Reggie Theus, a restaurant manager from Tyler, Texas, where I live, accidentally had a 4 trillion dollar balance at his bank.    What did he do?    He offered 3 trillion dollars to pay down the national debt.    Needless to say, the bank found the online glitch and the world’s first trillionaire lost it all.    Of course, Reggie may be in real trouble now when the IRS hears about his momentary wealth.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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