131004 – Check Equals Search?

Today’s Items:

CIA Training Al Qaeda

Yes, the U.S. government is shutdown; however, that does not stop the CIA from expanding its Al Qaeda training effort in Syria.     Thanks to the CIA, American hating Al Qaeda killers are learning basic infantry procedures, how to clear a room, and even how to effectively hit a target.    There could even be a CIA sponsored terrorist post-doctorate degree plan already with grants provided by the Al Qaeda supporting Council of Foreign Relations.


Obama has two options in his fight over the government shutdown…
1. Try to use the 14th Amendment to circumvent Congress on the Debt ceiling.
2. Comply with the debt ceiling by giving debt repayment priority over all other spending like Social Security.
It appears that he may use a combination of both though.

Obamacare Questions?

Got questions about Obamacare…   Well, the number given by Obama and others to call is 1-800-318-2596.     What has been discovered, using the telephone number’s mnemonic is that the number is 1-800 FUCK YO.     So, as a new Obamacare buyer, you can phone that number on your free Obamaphone. Wow!   You just can’t make this shit up!

May I See Your Paper?

Practicing for the Police State mentality, police in Des Moines, Iowa are planning a so-called traffic safety checkpoint where they will randomly select a car, then check it for safety and for registration and insurance.     All they need are black uniforms and Nazi Swastikas.    Understand this…    For police, the word “Check” is the same as “Search.”    So, a checkpoint is; in fact, a search-point.

Vaccines and Anti-bodies

We are told that a vaccine stimulates a person’s immune system to produce specific antibodies for a specific disease.    Now, here is the weird part.    Diagnostic tests look for specific antibodies for a specific disease.    If those specific antibodies are present, then you get more costly medical attention.    Another way for Big Pharm to make a fast buck?

10 Steps for Preparing a Family Emergency Plan

Here are a few, but there is more detail on the site…
1. Set up a communication plan.
2. Document contact information for all family members.
3. Determine a meeting place.
4. Determine best evacuation routes.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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