130827 – Credit Score & Social Media

Today’s Items:

Snipers Attack U.N. Inspectors

Officials at the NSA bugged U.N., stated that their chemical weapons inspectors were attacked by CIA err… unidentified snipers.    So, these U.N. officials must either be the most stupidest thing that God ever stretched a piece of skin on, or they are complicit in the upcoming Syrian massacre.   Or both!

15 Signs Obama Wants Syria War

Here are a few…
1. U.S. warships with ballistic missiles are moving into strike position.
2. Rebel forces, trained by the CIA, have been pouring toward Damascus since mid-August.
3. The U.S. military moved a significant number of F-16 fighter jets to Jordan earlier this year.

The Great Fall of China

For years now, commentators have been singing the praises of  China’s rise to power on the world’s economic stage; however, Charlene Chu of Fitch Ratings says there is a mountain of systemic problems under the surface.    Chu reports that a vast sea of unreported debt is looming in China.    Estimates suggest that private sector debt is around 214% of GDP.    Will China’s massive 23 trillion dollar credit bubble be the first domino to trigger the global economic collapse?    We will see.

Morale At NSA Down

Michael Hayden, who headed the NSA from 1999 to 2005, says that the morale at the NSA is down.    It’s hard for these people to wake up every morning and find another daily indictment against their work.    Well Michael, it’s a little hard to feel sorry for a bunch of bastards that lie to the American people and use government resources to spy on their love interests.

Silver Versus 100 Dollar Bill

In 1932, one could buy 400 ounces of silver with a 100 dollar bill.    In 1982, it was 9 ounces.  Today, it is 4 ounces.   Only an idiot would believe that real prices on goods and services has only roughly doubled between 1982 and today.

U.S. Cities Cut Work Hours

To avoid paying additional taxes on Obamacare, cities, like Middletown, New Jersey, are cutting worker hours.    In the past, they could consider raising taxes; however, Detroit has nullified that option.   Of course, the other option of outsourcing will likely not work because the costs associated with outsourcing are going up.

Facebook Affects Credit Score

Some financial lending companies have found that social connections can be a good indicator of a person’s creditworthiness.    If your Facebook friends are late paying back their loans, your score will be affected.   In short, dump the losers or close your Facebook account.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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