130713 – DOJ’s Attack on Media

Today’s Items:

The Return of the Typewriter

A source at Russia’s Federal Guard Service, which is in charge of safeguarding Kremlin communications and protecting Putin, is returning to typewriters in an attempt to avoid damaging leaks from computer hardware and counter the NSA.

Gold & Silver

According to Stephen Leeb, despite backwardation, the West has not given up on trying to hold the price of gold down.    He goes on to say that the West is desperate and losing the battle against the ascendancy of China.    At some point in the relatively near future, gold will soar and silver will take off even more.

The Unprepared Population

As a whole, most of the U.S. population is not prepared for an unforeseen disaster.    FEMA suggests that every household have a two week supply of the basics; however, statistics show that the average family household has 3 days or less of food in their homes.    Now, when FEMA has a time suggestion; such as 2 weeks, one should multiply that by at least three; thus, a 6 week supply should be the absolute minimum.

False Gun Operation

The Texas-based American Rifle and Pistol Association launched July 4th calling itself a ‘responsible’ alternative to the NRA.    The problem is that this is a Democratic gun control group parading as a right-wing and pro-gun organization.     If you want to stay truly informed on guns, then go to the Drudge-like Gun Feed site.

400 Companies Not Using GMO’s

Here are a very few… Blue Diamond, Eatsmart, Farmer’s Market, Nature’s Path, Pacific Natural Foods, Secret Squirrel, Whole Earth, and Zing Bars.    You will note that Ocean Spray Cranberries, Nestle, Hershey, Sunny Delight, and Kellogg are not on the list.

He Step’s Down

Janet Incompetano is stepping down.    He oversaw the expansion of unconstitutional acts; such as, the TSA and now wants to head for the exit.    Gee Janet, why don’t you just want to hang around to see the rotten fruit of your endeavors?    Of course, his successor, likely to be Obama’s fellow communist friend – Van Jones, will be far worse.

Ministry of Truth

The Department of Justice is apparently creating a “Ministry of Truth” like division that addresses the media.     The claim is that this committee to investigate whistle-blowers.    Of course, expect this committee to censor err…   Oversee the media.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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