130628 – Best Guns Salesman

Today’s Items:

IMF’s Crocodile Tear Apology

The criminals at the IMF admitted that their handling of Greece did not go as expected.    Or, at least, that is what they are saying publicly.    The damage to the Grecian economy, with the dramatic increased in suicides and starvation, this is another reason that the Fed initiated IMF needs to be shut down permanently.  Another example, officials at the IMF state that climate change will create jobs.

Gold Premiums Double In India

Gold premiums doubled in India as suppliers struggled to meet surging demand after a ban on consignment imports.     Premiums went from 8 to 20 dollars per ounce of gold virtually overnight.     So, despite the fact that the paper price of gold is going down, thinking people know better and are scooping up the yellow metal at a premium.

Step Aside India

As the Indian Government tries to curtail gold imports, China plans to take up the slack by becoming the largest gold consumer in the world in 2013.    As the global paper financial system becomes weaker each passing day, increasing demand for gold will come from additional countries.     No amount of paper manipulation will hide the fact about the scarcity of gold.

The Public Doesn’t Believe the NSA

A new Rasmussen poll shows that 72% of likely U.S. voters know the NSA has monitored the private communications of Congress, judges and military leaders in the U.S.    Also, despite Obama’s assurances, 68% believe that government agencies are listening to private conversations of American citizens.      Just 14%, perhaps the ones with Obama-phones, do not believe none of this is happening.

Greatest Guns Salesman

Obama may be destroying the broader economy and impoverishing America; however, one industry is breaking records without fail every month.     Thanks to Obama, at 572 million dollars in sales, firearms manufacturer Smith and Wesson reported a 37.6% increase in sales year-over-year.     Also, Smith and Wesson manufacturing operations are running at maximum capacity to keep up with the sales generated by Obama and his thugs.

Recall Senator McCain

After their vote on the Immigration bill, Arizona voters are looking to recall Insane McCain and Jeff-the-Flake.     Yes, both of these anti-American bastards have back-stabbed the citizens of their own state just to suck up to Obama and the UN a little more.     Hopefully, the recall, which is legal under the Arizona Constitution, is a success and both McCain and Flake are history.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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