130627 – Muni-Bears

Today’s Items:

Chinese Banks Stop Lending

A number of Chinese banks have temporarily halted lending to businesses and individuals apparently due to mounting pressure from liquidity shortages.    The banks have had a hard time keeping up with the deposit-to-loan ratio requirements even before the liquidity shortages hit.    Needless to say, this is going to have global ramifications.

Al-Qaeda In Syria Being Led by CIA

A former Al-Qaeda member released video testimony in which he asserts that the leader of the primary rebel group in Syria is a CIA operative.    With the bipartisan lies coming out of Washington, why would this video testimony not be true?    When people, like Obama, cannot tell the whole truth, one must sadly dismiss everything they say and that is the state of Washington as a whole.

Deja Poo

When it comes to the price of gold and silver dropping like a rock, do you have a sense of deja poo?   You know, where you have seen this crap before.    How may items have plunged 34% in price since 2008?     Well, that is exactly what has been happening to gold and if one thinks for a second, then one comes to the conclusion that it is paper manipulation to keep people in the equity markets.    Period!

A New Monetary System

According to Richard Russell, the great bond bull market has topped out, and a new bear market in bonds is underway.     He goes on to say if the U.S. goes the inflation route, we may have high monetary inflation, a collapsing dollar and a painful decline in living standards.     The alternative is the cancellation of all debts and an entirely new monetary system backed by assets; such as, gold, silver, oil, food and land.

A Warning to Bitcoin Firms

Banking regulators in California, New York and Virginia have issued letters to companies, that fall short of formal “cease and desist” orders, warning about the use of Bitcoin for financial transactions.     Bitcoin could soon be viewed as nothing more than an underground currency if Bitcoin does not gain greater usage amongst the public at large.

Monsanto Wants it Both Ways

On its corporate website, Monsanto clearly expresses its opinion that GMO’s are no different from natural crops, and thus do not need to be independently safety tested.     But if GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to non-GMOs, then how can they hold enforceable patents on any of their products?   Can you say hypocritical?


Last week a total of nine municipal bond market deals for 2.3 billion dollars and another 331 million dollars on Monday have been postponed.
With lack of revenue, this means cities are going to get more desperate for revenue.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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