130606 – Blogger Protection

Today’s Items:

RBI Bans Gold Imports With Bank Credit

In what traders termed a near panic reaction to the sliding Indian rupee, the RBI banned import of gold by domestic consumers through bank credit.    The move will probably cripple retail jewellery and lead to higher gold smuggling.     What is happening in India, right now, will be happening elsewhere on a larger scale.

How The New Rich Will Preserve Their Capital

Because of the derivatives and the likely Bail-In’s, the new rich will preserve their capital because they have all the above ground physical gold.    Are you preparing for the Great Leveling of 2015-2016?

Obama Wants Whistle-blowers Silenced

Candidate Obama promised transparency, accountability, and reform.    Stop laughing!    Anyway, since then, Obama goons have been using harassment and prosecution, as a tool, to chill and silence journalism, on-line activism and dissent.    Obama, through executive orders and other methods, has targeted whistle-blowers more aggressively than all his predecessors combined.    Remember… Roaches hate the light.

Monsanto Being Sued

A Kansas farmer is suing Monsanto for gross negligence for not containing the unapproved wheat discovered in an Oregon field.    The discovery has already cost the U.S. its largest customer…   Japan and this will directly impact every U.S. wheat farmer.    Meanwhile, BS officials at Monsanto claim they have no idea how the unapproved wheat ended up in an Oregon field.

PepsiCo and Coke

Both PepsiCo and Coke Cola each spent 500 thousand dollars to prevent GMO labeling in California.     So, the question is…     What are you really drinking if you consume their sodas?

Leaked Memo

A leaked memo from the Department of Injustice calls for 100% registration and confiscation of all guns in the U.S..     The memo goes on to describe how to ban guns by declaring individuals mentally disabled.     So, if you have, or want, a gun, then according to these slime-balls, who are buying up every bullet they can get their hands on, you must be mentally disabled.

Blogger’s Protection

Dirt-bag Senator Lindsey Graham does not believe that bloggers are journalists; thus, they they should not be protected under the media shield law.    Sure one can major in journalism; however, there is no license to practice journalism…    Yet!    Remember, the Founding Fathers of the U.S. Constitution, something Lindsey Graham is apparently clueless about, wanted everyone to have freedom of speech.

Terrorists Location

Although for Africa, the Department of State is offering a 23 million dollar reward for the location of terrorists.     Well, the biggest terrorist in the world today, lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C..     Do I get the money now?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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