130525 – Corporate Owned Senate

Today’s Items:

Al Qaeda On Path To Defeat?

Since Obama is wrapped up in so many domestic scandals, he is going back with foreign policy again.   He claims that Al Qaeda, the group he has secretly been sponsoring in Libya and Syria, is on its way to defeat.    In addition, he says he is going to scale down on the use of drones that he has been using to kill innocent men, women, and children.   What a guy!    He should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize…   Again!

Localized Threat?

Well, Obama has done it again. This time this bastard has changed the his fantasy on the Benghazi attack…     Yet again.    It was not the unforeseen Arab world that was so outraged about a You Tube video…     Now it is a predictable, localized, isolated incident.     Based on past experience with Obama the liar, we should now believe that it was an unpredictable, non-localized, and non-isolated event.     In short, we should expect it to hit the fan.

Did Obama Just Throw Holder Under The Bus?

With the statement… “I am troubled”, Obama may have sacrificed his colleague in crime.    Of course, since Holder knows too much about Obama, one should expect at the very most a speech from Obama.    As punishment.   Poor Holder, he may have to sit through a 2 hour lecture from Obama…    Isn’t that a violation of the 8th Amendment?    You know, cruel and unusual punishment?

10 Questions For Precious Metals Investors

Here are a few…
1. Is the financial crisis in the Western world over?
2. Did the commercial banks manage to become solvent?
3. Are the derivatives from large banks still a problem for economies and client portfolio’s?

NBC Warning of QE

NBC Nightly News reports on the fly-by of Asteroid, with the name 1998 QE, will come within 3.6 million miles of earth.     In fact, they recommend that you stock up on food.     One should have emergency preps even if there is no Quantitative Easing err… QE asteroid.

GMO Labeling Bill Voted Down

In a vote 71 to 27, the scumbags in the U.S. Senate do not want the American public to know which foods are made from GMO’s.     They did this, despite the fact that 64 countries around the world require GMO labeling.    It goes to show that we have the best Senate money can buy.   Also, if GMO’s are so wonderful, why not proudly label food products directly, or indirectly, made with them?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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