130504 – States Fighting Back

Today’s Items:

Gold’s Bear Trap

Even though the price of gold appears to be in a bear trap, it continues to see a divergence between paper and physical gold.     States like Utah and Arizona have recently recognized gold once more as legal tender, with a dozen other states planning similar measures.     With central banks around the world treating negative interest rates as the new paradigm, it is the debt and fiat money bubble that is looking very much like a crowded trade.

Gold Wars

This timeline article takes a person from the beginning, the U.S. Constitution, to when war was first declared on gold in 1933, to today’s paper era that started in 1980.    The good news, because greed has caused over printing numerous times, paper will collapse and real commodities, like physical gold and silver, will reclaim their status as true money.

Obama Vows Gun Control

After a humiliating defeat of gun control in the Senate, Obama proclaimed to keep at gun control while in Mexico.     Mexicans, witnessing the CIA-coordinated drug wars in their country may agree with his pro-marxist agenda; however, many Americans seeing people removed, at gun-point, by para-military police in Boston do not.

Immigration Bill

Like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, the gang of 8 scumbag Senators are trying to pull one over on the American people.    The bill, if enacted into law, would force people to obtain a biometric ID card that uses fingerprints or other personal markers to establish a person’s eligibility to work.    What’s next?    Get a biometric ID implant?

What You Aren’t Being Told

As seen in this You Tube video, questions about the Boston Bombing are now going mainstream as more and more people doubt the fiction put forth by the government and the mainstream media.

4 Steps to Remove Fluoride’s Negative Affects

Here are two…
1. Selenium can be used to remove sodium fluoride from the body.
2. A powerful dry sauna session can help excrete sodium fluoride from fatty tissues.

Missouri Moving To Block Washington

A number of Missouri lawmakers are supporting an amendment to the state constitution that essentially formalizes the fundamental right of parents to raise their children as they see fit.    The measure would give parents, not society, the right to make all decisions from discipline to education of their own minor children.    Under the 10th amendment, this could not be overridden; however, since when does the Constitution mean anything to anyone, in both political parties, in Washington?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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