130409 – Getting Out Of the Loop

Today’s Items:

Japan Bond Market Halted

After the ridiculous monetary stimulus by the Bank of Japan, the Japanese Bond Market is now in a shit storm.      Due to rapid price fluctuations, the Japanese Bond Market was halted for a second day in a row.

North Korea Cyber War?

We are being told that North Korea hackers could be planning to disable computer networks in the U.S..    So, a technological backwards nation, with very little computer experience, is going to disable the sophisticated U.S. computer network?    When it comes to cyber attack expertise, North Korea is essentially absent.    This sounds like a NSA, or CIA, false flag trial balloon event folks; so that, the U.S. government can justify to the world for the need to bomb the freedom into North Korea.

U.S. Government & Fed Gold Policy

Jim Sinclair believes that we are about to see a 180 on the price of gold.    This is because there is a need to stop the flow of physical gold going from West to East.   To that end, he expects gold prices to be manipulated at a much higher price.    Silver may go up in price because of secondary demand due to the price of gold being too high.

McCain Predictions

Insane McCain predicts unhappiness about an upcoming Senate Immigration deal.    Let’s see, based on this bastard’s past performance, we can expect the following…    McCain’s balls have fallen off, yet again, and there will be amnesty for illegals, even if they committed crimes in the U.S..    Unhappiness?    Yes.   Unexpected?   No.

‘Zero TV’ homes

Some people, like myself, have had it with TV.     We do not like the idea of 100 dollar plus a month for 100 plus channels of nothing to watch.     Nelson TV Ratings has labeled these 5 million homes in the U.S. as “Zero TV” homes.     Now broadcasters are worried because it is a growing trend and you know what?    They should be.

Surviving Survivalism

Please download this free 310 page PDF book that is designed to give you ideas on how to be more self-sufficient; so that, when the collapse eventually does occur, you will go through a less of culture shock.    Who knows, you may even like the off-grid life-style.

50 Ways to Starve the Beast

Here are a few…
1. Grow your own food.
2. Pack lunches for work and school.
3. Dine at locally owned establishments if you eat out.
4. Dumpster dive.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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