130408 – Going After Children

Today’s Items:

Witch-hunt Against Rich

Using class warfare, Obama wants people to be limited to 205,000 dollars a year for their retirement.    Yes, this may sound a lot to many; however, this is an early stage salvo for more stringent capital controls and monetary limits for everyone.    Make no mistake, Obama’s idea of bringing fairness to the tax code is a bunch of B.S.    The end result, no doubt, the government dictates to both businesses and people how much they can make and where to invest their money.

The Race Out of Confetti Currencies

Michael Pento believes dollar holders should find zero solace from owning a currency that is only gaining value against other pieces of confetti called euros, pounds and yen.    As the value of the worlds confetti currencies circle the drain, more and more people will race to hard assets; thus, money going into gold and silver is about to skyrocket.

21 Stats on the Growth of Poverty

Here are a few…
1. 1 out of 6 Americans are living in poverty.
2. 20% of American children are living in poverty.
3. 40% of unemployed Americans have been out of work for a least 6 months.
4. 25% of American workers has a job that pays 10 dollars or less.

“Batman” Shooter On Drugs

Newly released court documents confirm that ‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes was taking prescription anti-depressants before the massacre in an Aurora theater.     So, yet again, we find that guns are not the problem, but, dangerous prescribed medications that are the problem.

The NRA Versus the People?

Amidst fading support for gun control by Americans, CNN’s British reject Piers Morgan accused the NRA of fighting the American people on gun control.    I am so grateful that I no longer have television or cable.    Why didn’t someone tell him that the gun was pointing the wrong way when he was shooting a gun at the shooting range?

What Animals Really Think

The National Science Foundation has awarded a 2.1 million dollar grant over 5 years to study how animals think.   Chalk another one up for how the government wastes taxpayer dollars.

Kids Are Communal Property

MSNBC’s New World Order skank, Melissa Harris-Perry, states that children do not belong to parents, but to the community, or the state.    Seriously, what mental hospital do these deranged freaks come from?    Hey, Melissa, go read Animal Farm, you might, although unlikely, learn something.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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