130404 – Domestic Arms Race

Today’s Items:

EU Output Slumps

The euro-zone manufacturing PMI fell to 46.8 from 47.9 in February – slightly better than an preliminary estimate of 46.6.    All this, while 26.3 million people in the EU are unemployed.    In Greece, the youth unemployment rate is nearing 60%.

U.N. Passes Sweeping Gun Control Measure

The U.N. General Assembly signed off on a sweeping gun control treaty.    Despite the B.S. put forth by Senators, there is no doubt that the corrupt U.S. Senate will approve this treaty.    With that said, the 2nd and 10th amendment supersedes any treaty, national law, or Presidential executive order…    Period!     Of course, the corrupt court system will side with those who absolutely despise the U.S. Constitution; such as, Obama, McCain, Graham, Bloomberg, Feinstein, and the Clintons.

East Accumulates as West Manipulates

Jim Sinclair says that Russia and China are looting Western gold while JP Morgan sells silver.    He goes on to say that the gold market is no longer a group of wealthy players, but instead a political game.    In fact, three banks have downgraded gold along with a clearly coordinated take-down of both gold and silver.    Yes, these operations are illegal and unethical; however, that doesn’t matter in our brave new world.

The Myth Of U.S. Energy Independence

There is no hope whatsoever of so-called U.S. “energy independence” unless three things happen.
1. Environmental rules have to be wound back to 1970 standards.
2. Stop wasting taxpayer money on nonsense like 25 dollar per gallon bio-fuel.
3. Reward companies that can find and produce oil

Ammo Arms Race

At first, the bastards, at the DHS, denied the was any large purchases of bullets, now, the official excuse, for buying an excessive amount of more expensive hollow point rounds, is to save the taxpayer money.    Because Hollow-point ammo is banned by the Geneva convention, it cannot be used internationally; thus, it will be used domestically.     An arms race is underway between the U.S. government and private citizens – who are buying 50 million round a week, or 2.4 billion rounds in a year.     So, keep stockpiling, producing, and practicing with your ammo folks.

DHS Confirms Spying On Anti-Government Americans

DHS Fusion centers across America are spying on anti-government Americans.    You know, those who believe in the U.S. Constitution instead of the current unconstitutional corporatocracy.    Guess, I’m on the list; however, to those in the DHS watching…    There is a greater power WATCHING you.     Good luck with that.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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