130402 – Stingray Deception

Today’s Items:

China and Australia

U.S. Dollars are increasingly be shunned by countries around the world.     With China and Australia about to enter a bilateral trade currency agreement, another nail has been hammered into the U.S. Dollar’s coffin.     The public statement is to boost exports; however, the U.S Dollar is quickly losing its status as the world reserve currency.

Taking Money Off Of The Table

According to Robert Fitzwilson, the Cyprus crisis changed everything.     In a world where transparency and the rule of law have been eradicated, anything with counter-party risk should be avoided.     Fear and greed drive the investment markets.     The obvious beneficiaries will be secure, allocated gold and silver in physical form.     So, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Texas Teachers Packing Heat

Texas teachers are enrolling in a free concealed firearms training class to prepare for potential mass shootings.   Needless to say, federal authorities, under the criminal Holder are upset by this idea because they believe that gun-free zones, that have been the targets for prescription drugged people, should not have guns.

Flu Vaccine

Drawing from data, individuals given the H1N1 vaccine for influenza during the 2009/2010 swine flu “pandemic” had a 1,400% increased risk of developing narcolepsy compared to those not vaccinated.     Many health authorities knew about the dangers and yet they allowed this poison to be distributed.

Obamacare Lawsuit

As per the Origination Clause of the U.S. Constitution, all bills raising revenue, or having a tax, must begin in the House.    Because of this, a lawsuit making its way through the court system could easily pull the plug on Obamacare, which originated in the Senate.    There is no legal wiggle room because it is absolutely specific and the Supreme Court has already stated that Obamacare is a tax.

Around The Corner

357,000 people filed for for unemployment benefits last week.  So, with interest rates at 0%, stocks at all time highs with little market incentive to go higher, and every other country devaluing their currencies to promote exports,  there is apparently only one option and that is open to the Fed in the very near future; thus, wait for it…   Here comes QE5!

Stingray Deception

It turns out that federal agents have deceived judges in using the secretive ‘Stingray’ cell phone tracking technology.   So, unless judges hold federal agents accountable for criminal conduct, these judges are co-violators of the 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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