130330 – Best Employer

Today’s Items:

Small Businesses Suddenly With No Cash

Not only have the so-called rich and tax-evading individuals been affected with the Cyprus confiscation, funds for day to day business activities; such as, payroll, purchases, and business operations have been affected.    Thousands of companies have found themselves relieved of their funds and will now be forced to fire their employees.    The Cyprus solution is a recipe of how to make a bad situation worse.    Speaking of Cyprus…

Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” in Canadian Budget

First, it was Cyprus, now we have Canadian politicians proposing a similar measure in the new 2013 budget.    The idea is to help the systemically important banks.    We in the U.S. call those banks Too-Big-To-Fail; however, we can all see that they are in reality Too-Big-For-Jail.

Most Dangerous & Potentially Fatal Gamble In History

The fear of confiscation of banking accounts is growing and with the loss of so much deposits, while having the same liabilities, the banking system is weakening.    According to Jim Sinclair, if this ‘Hail Mary’ play to try to get the economy going does not work, then it could easily be game over because central planners would have weakened the banking system at the most inopportune time.


Please watch this in depth video on the consequences of the true global economic situation and fractional reserve gold.

The Ten Best Employers To Work For

When it comes to self-satisfaction and possibilities, the top 10 best employers can be summed up with one word… Yourself.   Yes folks, you do not have any tax withholding, 401K’s, and no company regulations.    The only thing, you have to be able to be a thinker and be able to get the job done.

New Vaccine for Newborns

Thanks to Big Pharm, prepare for the likely increase in newborn baby deaths with new round of vaccines, made with synthetic chemicals.   Hell, they might as well inject the babies with aspartame since it will already be in milk.   Forget babies developing their own immune systems, apparently, Big Pharm wants more cases of autism and baby deaths.

Airline Budget Cuts

Its bad enough to be publicly sexually assaulted by TSA perverts, now 4 major airlines – United Continental, Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines – are cutting back on benefits for frequent fliers to cut costs.    So, if you are frequent flyer, you may not get free flights; however, you may get a free box of chocolates.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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  1. Sound quality is good, Scott. Thank you for continuing your videos while away due to work.

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