130314 – Obamacare Bites Fido

Today’s Items:

Fed’s QE End Game

As more and more people become concerned about the Fed’s QE program, there appears to be one three-stage exit strategy for the Fed from their Quantitative Easing program.
Stage 1: Continue QE to de-leverage bank balance sheets by adding bank reserves.
Stage 2: Inflate currency dramatically to gain public support for a monetary system change.
Stage 3: Initiate a monetary reset that recaptures popular confidence following hyperinflation with universally accepted assets.
Since gold appears to be about to become a tier-1 asset and central banks around the world are scooping up the yellow metal, expect physical gold prices to rise dramatically in the not-to-distant future.  To that end, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Fed and Bonds

The Fed, has purchased a 30 year Treasury bond only to sell it within 24 hours.    This is because the only thing better than monetizing the U.S. debt is pre-monetizing the U.S. debt.

Company Profits

While Washington implements billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts, 60 of the biggest U.S. companies are stashing 40% of their profits offshore to avoid taxes.    Of course, having their money in another country could expose them to possible confiscation without recourse.   This, and other reasons, may be why Obama is about to let spy agencies have access to view all American’s finances.


The idea of Bitcoins, the first digital peer-to-peer currency, is great; however, it sadly has flaws.    Bitcoins are worth their weight in gold; however, since they are digital – hence  the name Bit-coin, and weigh nothing, they can easily collapse to nothing.   Because Bitcoins have inherent limitations of digital technology; such  as an EMP burst, they are not money.   Sorry, but you should get physical and not digital.

Obamacare Bites Fido

Veterinarian machines and equipment that could possibly be used on humans; such as IV pumps, is subject to a 2-3% federal excise tax.    Because of this, this additional expense will be passed on pet owners.    We just keep finding more of these “doggy treats” after Obamacare is passed, right Nancy Pelosi?

Tips for Resisting the Police State

Here are a few…
1. Cops are legally allowed to lie to you and are not your friends.
2. Never ever admit to anything.
3. Ask – repeatedly – whether you are free to go.
4. Never consent to a search.

GMO Labeling

While Californians voted to be kept in the dark in what they are eating, Vermont, thanks to a growing grassroots collaboration of farmers and citizen activists, may be the first state to to mandate the labeling of GMO’s.    Monsanto, like Bloomberg, will appeal; however, neither of them are appealing.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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