130313 – TSA Facade

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Bank Of Japan Next Buy?

As inflation surges with double-digit utility price hikes, the Bank of Japan needs a way to stabilize the situation.    One possible solution is to invest in derivatives.    Yes folks, nothing says stability like derivatives, also known as weapons of mass financial destruction.    One can only imagine that this is their only shot, a very long shot.

Too Big to Jail Banks

From a Senate Banking Committee hearing; in which, Senator Warren drilled officials from the Treasury Department, we can now see that no one will not take responsibility for prosecuting HSBC for money laundering.    It appears, based on answers given, or lack there of, that it takes somewhere beyond 881 million dollars in drug money to shut down a bank in the U.S.    Where that is, we may never know…    Right Benji Bernanke?

Crying Wolf Sequester

Obama keeps claiming that he has cut the deficit by 2.5 trillion dollars.     So, if a 85 billion dollar reduction creates such chaos, how is it that his alleged 2.5 trillion dollar cut went entirely unnoticed?    No wonder, Americans, by 53-37%, prefer to reduce the deficits by cutting government spending rather than raising taxes.

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Places to Be When An EMP Strikes

1. On a commercial airplane.  Just imagine the shock and awe with the cockpit going all dark.
2. In an elevator.   At least you will not have listen to the elevator music.
3. On a machine in a medical facility.
4. Near a nuclear power plant.  You know, essentially east of the Mississippi River.
5. In a long tunnel like the Holland Tunnel in New York City.    Imagine the new friends you will meet as you feel your way out of the tunnel.

TSA Confessions

A former TSA employee, who worked at Newark, went public with allegations that the TSA is nothing more than pure theater.    In fact, TSA employees have no ability, or motivation, to catch any terrorists whatsoever.    In short, the TSA is the perfect example of the problem with big government; in that, TSA workers are “bottom of the barrel” employees but are compensated almost like royalty.

Banning Lead Ammo

To stop lead poisoning, environmentalists are pushing legislation to ban lead ammunition in California.    If it passes, Californians will have to switch to depleted uranium bullets, from Fukushima, to save the environment.

Soda Ban is Banned

Bloomberg’s attempt for nanny state run amok over soda sizes has been slapped down by a New York state judge.   Bloomberg said he would appeal this ruling; because his violating the Separation of Powers Doctrine is such a noble fight.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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One thought on “130313 – TSA Facade

  1. Wow! Marica, You’re poor son! I’m glad you can look back and laugh now. I’m sure it was very frightening at the time. I agree with you about them haivng a hard time saying Uh Oh, we messed up . It’s sheer arrogance. However a little common human decency would go a lot farther. I think if our Government would stop and realize that they are people too, and admit to their mistakes, they might have a different attitude altogether. Humility is a good thing. I, too hope they soon straighten this out, but like you I won’t be holding my breath that it will happen any time soon. What a shame!Christine, In many instances you are correct. I do have to say though, that in my lifetime I have run across some that were wonderful people. By and large many in positions of power are arrogant, but every now and then we find some that are very human. That is what we need more of.I’m sure your daughter went through a terrible ordeal of embarrassment, but on the flip side, if I were her, after he wanted to buy it, I would have been thrilled that that was all it was. At least he didn’t mess with her again. He shouldn’t have done that, but at least it did work out, and it wasn’t a really big deal. You hear so much about people impersonating officers and bad things happening now a days. I’ve met good and bad in positions of power in my liftetime. The good are worth their weight in gold and the bad are terrible. We need more good people in service that are not corrupted by power. You are so right about the pass the buck thing. We do live in times like these.

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