130228 – Iran Detente?

Today’s Items:

Currency Vs. Money

Please watch the video, by Mike Maloney, showing you the hidden secrets of money; so that, you can turn what is going to be the largest financial crisis into an opportunity for you.    You can either have fiat currency, which time and time again has and will be inflated to absolute worthlessness, or you can have money…    It is your choice.

Mexico’s Audit Office

Like in Germany, Mexico’s Audit Office has reprimanded the Bank of Mexico for failing to verify its supposed purchase of 4.5 billion dollars of gold vaulted in China err… the Bank of England.     Looks like there will be more orders for gold-plated tungsten bars soon.

Italians Spoils EU Scheme

Almost 57% of the Italian vote went to parties that have vowed to tear up the EU austerity script.    With Italians defying austerity, the European Central Bank’s plan, that depends upon the serfs doing what they are told, is in trouble.   Italy’s economy is big enough to bring down the EU ponzi scheme.

Obama Go To Iran?

Just as Nixon went to China, should Obama go to Iran to move Iran into a cooperative stance concerning its nuclear programs?    Well, if Obama does go, perhaps he would feel at home at the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

Future of Silver

According to Stephen Leeb, photovoltaics is only 5% of consumption of silver.   He believes silver demand in photovoltaics will grow about 35% each year from now until the early part of the next decade.   The thing the silver bugs have to worry about is when governments impose restrictions on investment silver because it is such a critical strategic resource.

5 Reasons ObamaCare Will Adds To Deficits

Here are a few…
1. Medicare cost controls will not work.
2. Per-capita health spending growth will increase faster than the bogus inflation rate.
3. The tax hikes will not produce the necessary revenue to offset all of the BS.

Sitting Ducks

5 nuclear carriers are currently all in port at Norfolk for maintenance.    To have that many carriers in one place, at the same time, shows the philosophy of the fighters and bombers parked wingtip to wingtip in Hawaii, prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor…   Sitting ducks.    All this with emerging evidence to support the belief that Alaska could be attacked by Russia.

Fired for Opposing Fluoride

EPA scientists and medical experts have been fired over the years for bravely coming out in opposition to water fluoridation.     Many of those fired were directly responsible for compiling and evaluating safety data on the health effects of fluoride.    It would be nice to see sequestration shut down this anti-American, anti-constitutional home of sociopaths.    Sadly, the Senate GOP, who’s balls dropped off some time ago, desire to cede power to Obama.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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