130225 – Iran Downgrades Bankers

Today’s Items:

UK Gets Downgraded

Due to the UK’s debt situation, Moody’s has downgraded the UK from Aaa to Aa1.    Moody’s pointed to “continuing weakness in the UK’s medium-term growth outlook.     Needless to say, this downgrade is coming to the U.S. as well for the same reasons.

Iran to Execute 4 Bankers

The Iranian judiciary system have officially sentenced 4 bankers to death for mismanaging 2.6 billion dollars in funds.    I would tell those bankers to think of it as a downgrade.  At any rate, can someone give one-way airline tickets to Iran for Jon Corzine, Jamie Dimon, the rest of the U.S. banking cabal?

Europe’s Fine

Here are some facts about Europe…
1. Europe’s banks are in far worse shape than anyone publicly admits.
2. The political class in Europe have no idea how to solve this mess.
3. Everyone is lying about just about everything related to Europe’s financial system.
Other than that, Europe’s financial system is solid as a rock.

U.S. Exporting German Gold To China

According to Eric Sprott, 30% of U.S. annual gold production is exported to China, via Hong Kong.     In addition, after reading the so-called audit of the New York Fed, he believes that the there may only be 350 tons of gold at the New York Fed and the Germans might be surprised to learn that it is theirs.    He then states that the Fed may be exporting German, Dutch, and Austrian gold to China in attempt to keep the ponzi scheme going.

Most Miserable City in the U.S.

Detroit, home of violent crimes, high unemployment, and a decreasing population is the newest Forbes most miserable city in the U.S..    Second place goes to Flint, Michigan – which is the home to an inspiration of mine, DEMCAD.   Please get out that city Reginald!

ViaMat Dumps U.S Citizens

Because of the U.S. regulatory enviroment, ViaMat, a Swiss logistics company that safeguards gold is in the process of dumping U.S. citizen’s accounts.    Big gold depositories like Gold Money and Bullion Vault ALL use ViaMat as a primary secure storage provider.    It’s only a matter of time before ViaMat’s decision cascades across these other firms.

29 Uses for Coffee Filters

Here are a few…
1. Pre-filter collected water
2. Pet pooper scoopers
3. Make an air freshener with baking soda
4. Make a bandage
5. Make dryer sheets with white vinegar and an essential oil.
6. Make coffee…   Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

Win for Concealed Carry

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals let stand a December ruling that forces the Illinois legislature to adopt a concealed carry law within 180 days; thus, affirming that the right to bear arms exists outside the home.    It would be enjoyable to see everyone in the Illinois state legislature led off, in handcuffs, to federal prison for violating this ruling.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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