130115 – 128 Million Takers

Today’s Items:

4th Quarter GDP

The 4th Quarter US GDP Estimate has been reduced to .8% from 1.5%.     Holiday sales of electronics and toys plunged this past Christmas season.    In fact, Apple slashed component orders because of sales for the iphone 5 are roughly half of what the company had planned.    Toys R Us and Best Buy sales declined in November and December.    Also, global PC shipments fell 6.4% in the 4th quarter.  Of course, this may because Windows 8 is turning out to be a real loser.    Is it Recovery Summer yet?

They Were Lined Up Around the Block

In 1980, when gold went from 35 to 850 dollars, people were lined up around the block in New York City to buy gold. Today, ask someone if they should have 5 to 10% of their portfolio in gold and most people would say “No, no way. That’s ridiculous.    It doesn’t pay you any interest. Why would you own that stupid stuff?”    Yet, analysts continue to claim that gold is in a bubble.

Takers Nearly Outnumber the Producers

According to the Census Bureau, more than 128 million Americans are receiving some form of government assistance, or more than 1 in 3.    Of the 128 million, more than 48 million are on Medicaid.    More than 2 million are receiving a higher-education subsidy.    Nearly 7 million are living in substandard err… subsidized housing.

U.S. Has Worst Health Outcomes of All Wealthy Countries

A report, from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, is the first to comprehensively analyze mortality, incidence of disease and injury and health behavior across the entire life span for 17 separate wealthy countries.    U.S. residents suffer from higher rates of disease and injury and have shorter lifespans than others in other wealthy nations.   The US ranked worst in nine categories from heart disease to diabetes.    At least we have Obamacare.

Obamacare Supports 2nd Amendment

Holy Bat Crap!    Who would believe, that in section 2716 part C of Obamacare,  the government is prevented from collecting data on firearm ownership and more.    In fact, the language was offered by none other than Dirty Harry Reid.    At this point, Obama probably wants to go all NDAA on Harry Reid for this.   Of course, this is only in regards to healthcare only.   Now get this…   Since November 2008, 68 million firearms have been legally sold, or more than enough to outfit the entire Chinese and Indian armies.    No wonder, I feel safer.

Obama Connecticut Social Security Number

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is going the hear the case against Obama and his fraudulent Connecticut Social Security Number.    One can only get a Social Security Number, indicating Connecticut, only if one was in Connecticut at the time of request.    Guess what, he was not in the state of Connecticut around March 1977 and this was not a clerical error.

25 Do-It-Yourself Preparedness Projects

Here are a few projects you can do on the weekend…
1. Make a rocket stove with empty cans.
2. Make a blow dart gun.
3. Build your very own composting toilet and stock it with Obama paper rolls.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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