130102 – True Crime Stats

Today’s Items:

Secret US Mission To Iran?

According to a new Foreign Military Intelligence report circulating in the Kremlin, Hillary Clinton was injured and a US Navy Seal was killed a few weeks back when a C-12 aircraft carrying them crashed in Iran.     Things are pretty bad when it is easier to believe a report from the Kremlin than it is to believe the main stream media, or State Department.

CFTC Can’t Release Findings of Silver Probe

Harvey Organ, who follows the day-to-day trades in the Crimex err…    COMEX says that the CFTC silver probe has concluded; however, the findings will never be released.    This is because if it did, the financial system would collapse.    In addition, he says that the COMEX is settling allocated delivery & storage requests with paper only.    He goes on to say that because of the extreme physical shortages of silver, the manipulation could end as soon as March.   We will see.

The Greatest Bubble In World History

According to Richard Russell, the Credit bubble may be the biggest bubble in world history and we are living through it.    He goes on to say that many sophisticated investors are protecting themselves from the diminishing purchasing power of the dollar.    They are doing it through large purchases of art, farmland, jewelry, or silver and gold.     In addition, he stresses to people to pay attention to what is going on because everything can change very quickly.

25 “Why Questions” For 2013

Here are a few…
1. Why is the U.S. military sending troops to 35 different African nations in 2013?
2. Why is the U.S. government actively supporting and giving aid to Syrian rebels that are beheading Christians?
3. Why is genetically-modified rice that has human genes in it being grown in Kansas?

New York City Citizens Slammed

Well, it looks like the citizens of New York City are going to have to bend over and pony up more than 1.5 billion dollars.    This is because the public pension-fund investments failed to meet their statutory goal of 8%.    In fact, with 1.37%, the fund did worse than the stock market!   Hell, gold and silver rose by 6% and 9% this year respectfully.

Choose Your Own Crime Stats

This video, using unbiased facts, pretty much blows the lid off the idea about portrayed crime statistics and is a work of real journalism.    Did you know that violent crimes in the US have gone down 50% in the past 20 years?    Did you know that violent crimes in the 186 US cities, that have a population greater than 250,000, are twice the rate of the national average?    Did you know that the UK has more than 3.5 times the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people than the US?    Let’s see, the UK has gun control and the US does not. Something to think about.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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