Global Food Crisis

News Flash:

Please watch this video, by    This video clearly tells the story that links inflation, via devaluation by printing, and the recent years of drought to the current food crisis around the world.    Remember the “Arab Spring” and how it is spreading across Northern Africa and the Mideast?   Well, food prices played a far bigger role in that because food takes up a much larger portion of a family’s budget in that region of the world.  When food prices go up, the rioting goes up.   Food prices are skyrocketing around the world; however, do not expect to see this the official CPI since those items are utilized in the calculations.

This is why it is especially important to get your long term food preparations ready…    Yesterday!   There is a great video on how to get started with a food supply using rice, beans, and rolled oats.  This is a low cost solution; however, it is not for everyone.


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One thought on “Global Food Crisis

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