121214 – Vaccine Cover-Up

Today’s Items:

European Central Bank Takeover

Thanks to the paid-off muppets in the EU, the European Central Bank has been given broad powers.    This includes the power to grand and withdraw banking licenses, investigate institutions, and financially sanction banks.    Can you imagine if the Fed had that kind of power…    Oh wait, Monsanto is working on that already with riders in any possible “Fiscal Cliff” suicide legislation.  Especially since the Department of Injustice just mysteriously stopped investigating the criminal enterprise err… Monsanto.

Silver the Best Investment for 2013

Although the downside of silver is that it comes with a lot of volatility, in 2012, silver gained 18.4%.    Gold gained 8.8%.    The effects of QE3 have only just started flowing through into the silver price.    Make no mistake, as more and more people race into hard assets because of all the government printing, silver is going to be going a lot higher.

Benghazi Terrorists Armed by Obama

We know Obama knew of the details of the terrorist attack, and watched, via drone, as Americans were killed.    We know that F-16 jets, or a C-130, could have easily taken out the terrorist and saved lives.    We now know that Obama actively armed the terrorists that killed Americans; thus, Obama appears to be a party to murder.    Add to this is the fact that Obama now recognizes unelected Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria as the Syrian Representatives.

IMF Panics Western Central Banks

A report, generated by IMF staff, proposed a requirement that central banks be able to distinguish their gold loans and gold swaps from their gold reserves.    Officials at central banks panicked when they saw that accountability would be demanded of them for their gold loans and swaps.    The reason is clear…    They obviously have been using their gold reserves in those loans and swaps; thus, they may no longer have any physical gold.    Just imagine it, if you own an American gold eagle, you may be holding a part of the US gold reserves.

55 Reasons Why California is The Worst State

Here are a few…
1. California is the worst state for business creation.
2. California is the only state that taxes carbon emissions.
3. California has a 20% higher unemployment than the rest of the nation.

Vaccine Cover-Up

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act, the following information has been revealed…
1. vaccines don’t work.
2. vaccines cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent.
3. vaccines are a hazard to children.
4. Government experts colluded to lie to the public.
In short, you may want to rethink getting sterilized err…   vaccinated.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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