121212 – Two-Tiered Injustice System

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The latest report from the National Intelligence Council explores mega-trends that will impact America through 2030.   The official report explains that China will overtake the US as the world’s dominant economic superpower.    The official report lays out the likelihood of a global economic collapse.    Unfortunately, the official report does not detail the US government’s decline into tyranny and oppression.    In short, it is better to listen to what people like Gerald Celente, and others, have been saying for years.

LIBOR Scandal Fall Guys

Three traders, at Barclays, have been arrested for their part in manipulating hundreds of trillions of dollars in loans and financial contracts.    Does the idea of three little traders, at one banking institution, having that kind of power seem a little far fetched?    It does to anyone with an IQ above their shoe size.   Nothing like a two-tiered injustice system folks.

Small Business Outlook

The National Federation of Independent Business index for general business conditions plunged to -35%…     It’s worst level on record ever.    So, while Obama exclusively talks to big corporate CEO’s, he intentionally ignores small business, that creates the most real jobs, all together.

HSBC Money-Laundering Settlement

HSBC will pay 1.9 billion dollars to settle a U.S. drug money-laundering probe.    Needless, to say, when dealing with drugs, this is chump change; therefore, this sounds like a pay-off.    HSBC has agreed to be independently monitored over the 5-year term.    No doubt, this so-called independent firm will be associated with JP Morgan or some other major bank.    In short, top executives at HSBC made out like bandits and do not go to jail.    Another example of a two-tiered injustice system.

Gold and Silver

Gold sales from the US Mint have been exploding since Obama was reelected, and yet the paper price is actually down.    In terms of silver, it is much more manipulated when one considers the multiple unrecoverable uses of silver in industry.    75% of silver supply, comes as a byproduct of base metal production.    If the global economic prospects continue negatively; base metal production, and by extension, silver production, will also go down as well.    There are too many negatives in the silver and gold production and too many positives in the demand to account for the low price.     With that in mind, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Californians Are Moving

Now that Californians have totally screwed up their own state with out-of-control spending and unfunded liabilities, they are desperately trying to get the hell out.    According to the Census Report, over 100,000 moved out in 2011 alone.    Of that, nearly 59,000 of them moved to Texas.    Hey, if you move to Texas, do not expect a hand out and forget unions covering your backside.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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2 thoughts on “121212 – Two-Tiered Injustice System

  1. I think your missing the big picture…

    My Guess is, they want to smash into the Asteroid, and try to knock it off coarse.

    Today’s News 2012 DA14 ASTEROID Earthbound February 2013 More This Week


    Asteroid (DA14 2012) – IMPACT date Feb 16, 2013

    Air Force Launches Robot Space
    Plane, X-37B — But What’s It For?

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