121027 – Circling the Drain

Today’s Items:

Euro-zone Mess Gets Worse

The laundry list of woes continues to grow in the euro-zone.
1. The IMF has reservations about Portugal’s bailout plan.
2. Spain’s unemployment has a hit a record of 25% with 60 billion euros in planned austerity cuts.
3. S&P cut French banks credit ratings.
4. Escalating numbers of Europeans now rely on food aid according to the Red Cross.
Europe just keeps circling the drain.

Missing Gold

Gerald Celente states that it is not just Germany’s gold that is missing, other countries may as well kiss their gold good-bye.   Forget gold that was in the physical possession of the New York Fed.    Forget gold in Fort Knox.   The owners will not be able to see it, no matter how many times they ask, because it is most likely not there and it has most likely not been there for a long time.   It is most likely been moved eastern Central banks; therefore, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Romney Deception

Please watch this video on how Romney acts more like a weather vain on his so-called beliefs and will do anything to gain control of the Presidency.    From gun control to mandated health insurance, this gumby bastard has more in common with Obama than he does with Americans.

Disability Claims

At about 8.8 million, a new record for disability claims has been reached.    So, a good question is how many of these claims come from those who have their emergency jobless benefits?

Welfare Spending

According to the Census’s American Community Survey, the number of households with incomes below the poverty line in 2011 was about 16.8 million. If one divides the federal and state money spent on these households, it was over $61,000 per household.   The median household income in 2011 was over $51,400.   In short, just cutting a check of 40,000 per household would have saved over $350 billion.

Obama’s Frankenstorm Wet Dream

The huge storm that is set to hit the northeastern coast before Halloween could cause such widespread destruction, that some are talking about delaying the Presidential election.   Needless to say, a giddy Obama is hoping this is true; so that, this will give time to stall Romney’s momentum.    Of course, the states that are most likely to be affected by this storm are those that heavily support Obama already.   Add to this, the all-too-convenient crash carrying absentee ballots to the U.S. military, who dislike Obama, in Afghanistan.

Texas Vs UN

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has notified the UN that their so-called observers are not authorized by Texas law to enter a polling place.   In addition, just like other political organizations, it is a criminal offense to maintain a presence within 100 feet of a polling place’s entrance.    Time to sit back, with popcorn, and watch the show folks.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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