121022 – Race Into Hard Assets

Today’s Items:

International Monitors

44 United Nation so-called observers will be deployed around the country to monitor the US elections on November 6th.    Ben Emmerson, of the UN, has come out and warned not to elect Romney because it would be a democratic mandate for torture.   So, there goes the idea of just observing folks.   Could the fact that Obama plans for the UN to tax Americans in his second term sway these so-called observers?    We will see.   Or, could the UN be taking over the job of ACORN?

India Signals It Is Rearing To Kick Monsanto Out!

A high-profile Indian parliamentary panel is reviewing GM Crops and if Monsanto becomes “a nuisance”, it can be kicked out.    Monsanto’s relationship to India farmers is already tenuous considering it was accused of biopiracy earlier this year by India’s National Biodiversity Authority.    So, while the EU sides with Monsanto against the French GMO Cancer study, India may have a chance.

6 Imminent Changes to Social Security

Here are three…
1. Monthly checks will be 1.7% bigger.
2. Social Security tax will go from 4.2 to 6.2%.
3. The Tax cap will increase to $113,700
And the Social Security ponzi scheme continues.

Only 2 Things Can Save America

According to Jim Rogers, only two things can save America, the largest debtor nation in the world…
1. The energy revolution
2. The agricultural revolution
He goes on to say that both of these things are reliant on spending in Washington.    He even goes on to say that Obama and Romney are the same thing and they are both bad for America.

Bank of America Backs Obama

Last year, Warren Buffet invested $5 billion in Bank of America and now, this bank has “loaned” $15 million to the Obama campaign.   Remember, Obama was supposed to speak at the Bank of America Stadium at the Democrat National Convention; however, since not enough suckers err… people that could be brought in, they moved it elsewhere.   Keep in mind that Bank of America is in big trouble from the Merrill Lynch Merger.   Could this be a quid-pro-quo?    We will see.

Why Money Is Pouring Into Hard Assets All Over The World

Combining the following…
1. Inflation in the euro-zone is 2.6% with the promise of more printing.
2. Chinese GDP has dropped from over 10% to 7.4% in the third quarter.
3. The US has anemic growth with more jobless claims.
4. Central banks are printing to get their respective economies going.
Is it any wonder why Michael Pento believes there is a global race into hard assets?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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