121012 – Molotov Cocktails In Greece

Today’s Items:

Pressure on Madrid to Accept Bailout

Since the S&P downgrade, Spain is under pressure from Brussels to accept a bailout.    The bastards at the European Central Bank have agreed to buy Spanish government bonds to help lower borrowing costs, but the government first needs to apply for the bailout.   If officials in the Spanish government are wise, they will look at Iceland, and not Greece, as the way to go.    Speaking of Greece…

Molotov Cocktails In Greece

Before you plan your next vacation, it is suggested you cross Greece, and perhaps Europe, off your list.    The Greek GDP has decreased 47 billion euros in the last 5 years.    Greek unemployment has reached 24.7% with youth unemployment at 55.4%.    Nothing makes rioting more likely when you have a bunch of young adults without any source of income.

Gold’s Final Move

Gold is going to keep going up until the US dollar is finished. It’s not really an appreciation in the price of gold, it’s a drop in the apparent value of currency.    We will see some real fireworks because the lack of availability of physical gold when major pension funds move into gold.   Just remember, because of the Silver to Gold Ratio, silver will go up faster; thus, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

GMOs and Pesticides Create Super-Pests

While GMO crops may be resistant to the current set of insects, Mother Nature is striking back with mutations of pests that are immune to pesticides and GMO affects.    So, how does one survive farming without GMO’s and Pesticides?    Simple…   Crop rotation, inter-cropping and residue management.

ATF Whistleblower Vince Cefalu Fired

Possibly violating the Federal Whistleblower Act of 1989, Vince Cefalu, who has worked nearly 25 years for the ATF, was canned for the reason of “lack of candor.”    He was the one who voiced concern about the illegal “Fast and Furious” operation that led to hundreds of deaths.    Those, who may have violated federal law in a vendetta against Vince at the ATF, should face Federal jail time without parole, and hopefully, in general population.

BLS Data Shows Labor Report is BS

3 things questions the validity of the Labor Report…
1. The drop in the percentage of workers in the labor force relative to the population.
2. The relative correlation between GDP and unemployment.    They should be negatively correlated.
3. Since 2010, GDP growth rate is higher than the productivity growth rate.    It should be the opposite.

What’s In Obama’s Pocket?

While Obama is in the Banker’s pocket, what is in Obama’s pocket?    It turns out that Obama’s lucky charms that he carries around are a Hindu God, a Masonic emblem, and a so-called “wedding ring” with the phrase “There Is No God Except Allah” inscribed on it since he was in law school.    Why do politicians have to be so weird?

The VP Debate

Both Biden and Ryan, unlike Obama, appeared knowledgeable, and confident, on topics presented to them.    With that said, a smirking and laughing Biden contradicted the State Department’s latest lie about the Libya attacks during the tense debate.    I almost felt sorry for the moderator with Biden talking down and being rude to her several times.     In many ways, this debate was a wash; however, Biden, interrupting 82 times, was the more condescending while Ryan appeared as the adult.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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