World Leader’s Missing

News Flash:

From cancellations to no-shows, many world leaders are simply disappearing.    A good question is…   Where is Congress and where is Obama?    In fact, when one looks at the White House schedule, Obama has absolutely nothing planned even up to the 28th of October! Obama has even cancelled debate practice sessions because his so-called busy schedule.    Even the Vice-President has nothing scheduled.

It is not just American leaders that are “missing.”    In fact, Putin called off a meeting in Islamabad as Merkel has curtailed her meetings, on October 9th, citing bloody unrest in the Arab world.

Commercially, over 52,000 reservations for over 52,000 seats were canceled on Japanese carrier flights between Japan and China. in the September-to-November time period.

I find it odd that the Presidential debates are in Denver and I wonder if they will be “suddenly” cancelled as well.


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One thought on “World Leader’s Missing

  1. Denver air port is a huge underground base
    “I find it odd that the Presidential debates are in Denver and I wonder if they will be “suddenly” cancelled as well.”

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