121003 – Income Divide Widening

Today’s Items:

Gold Standard in China?

China is increasing its monetary gold reserves at an alarming rate and will have more actual gold than the phony gold held by the US in five years.    China is preparing for a world beyond the in-convertible paper dollar.   The Chinese government has recently removed all restrictions on personal ownership of gold.   Make no mistake though, even though gold is being hoarded, silver is not far behind.    What is even more interesting as that both gold and silver are making yearly highs and there is little to no profit taking…    Meaning that more people are not trading in their precious metals for fiat.

Income Divide Widening

According to Census data, since 2009, the middle 20% of American households saw their average incomes fall 4%. In 2011 alone, they fell 1.7%.    The poorest 20% saw their average incomes fall more than 7% since 2009.     Meanwhile, the top 20% saw their average income climb almost 2% in 2011.     The top 1% received 93% of the income gains between 2009 and 2010.

George Washington University’s Email Gaffe

George Washington Law is ranked number 20 on U.S. News and receives the second-most applications.    Because Blind Carbon Copy was not used, George Washington graduates who did not have a job, after paying 45,000 in annual tuition, found out that 114, or 21 percent, did not have an actual paying job after graduating.    Remember, the official unemployment rate is 8.1%.    So, it appears that graduating from even a prestigious law school will not guarantee a job.    Plumber anyone?

Water Prices Rise Sharply Across America

According to a recent study by USA Today, which looked at 100 large municipalities across the country, on average, Americans are paying 75% more for water today than in 2000.    In addition, expect a 5% to 15% increase, per year, going forward for such reasons as wages & pensions to clean-water mandates.    Too bad some states, like Utah, Colorado, and Washington outlaw rainwater collection.

Robots in Camden?

At $500,000 per robot, Camden, New Jersey is planning, using research from Florida International University, to use mechanical cops controlled by non-union and disabled veteran cops.    The plan is to eventually replace police officers who have health benefits and pension plans with non-unionized ones.    Hmmm…   Sounds like a great plot line for a movie.

Top Contributors to Obama and Romney

Romney’s promise to cut government spending may be one reason that federal employees have contributed over $396,000 to the Obama campaign.    Employees of the State Department, and their families, have contributed over $213,000.   The top five donning organizations for Obama are the University of California, Microsoft, Google, Harvard University, and the US Government.    The top five donning organizations for Romney are Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse Group.   Of course, you lose no matter which of these buffoons you vote for.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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