120908 – Bogus U.S. Labor Report

Today’s Items:

Iran Sends Elite Troops To Aid Assad In Syria

In yet another black eye for Obama and Hillary Clinton, Iran is intensifying its support for Assad by sending 150 senior commanders to Syria to repel the U.S. sponsored terror in the country.   In addition, Iran has shipped hundreds of tons of military equipment, including guns, rockets, and shells.   Of course, with Iran operating in Syria, this may be the opening for Israel for preemptive strikes.   Hang on folks, the bumpy ride is about to get a tab bit worse.  Especially since Canada has cut ties with Iran and closed its embassy.

EU Debt Crisis

The Germans are accusing the European Central Bank of writing blank checks to stimulate the struggling euro-zone nations with their open-ended bond-buying scheme.  Really?  Just what the hell did one think an institution, not accountable to the EU governments was going to do?   At least the FED, is more open about their plans.   Needless to say, this may be yet another nail in the euro’s coffin as Germany considers dumping the euro completely.

China Spends On Infrastructure To Boost Growth

It appears that China is creating shovel-ready jobs as the country’s leaders throw over 1 trillion yuan to stimulate the Chinese economy.   The program is the among the most ambitious unveiled in China this year; however, like the U.S., does anyone seriously believe that throwing inflating currency into infrastructure is going to create long-term employment?

Labor Report

While the official unemployment rate is at a bogus 8.1 percent for the 43rd straight month, only a dismal 95,000 jobs were added. 368,000 people became non-existent as their extended unemployment benefits evaporated; thus, joining the 88.9 million not in the labor force.   So, the next question would be…   How many new “disability” claims were posted last month?   Needless to say, the news does not bold well for Obama’s reelection chances and these grim facts will be front-and-center when the Fed meets on September 12th to begin the process of burying us under a mountain of funny money.  With all this, officials from the White House are telling the sheep err… people not to read too much into this report.

Indians Prefer Gold to Currency Trash

It is that time of the year where Indians, by tradition, by gold for their weddings and holiday events.   Their demand, needless to say with gold being in short supply, has angered those Central Bankers who would prefer them to buy shares of GLD, that is, at best, partially backed by physical gold.   Needless to say, this supply and demand situation, only fuels gold’s price escalation; thus, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

JP Morgan To Face Senate Probe

JP Morgan’s wrong-way bets on derivatives, that lost over a reported $5.8 billion so far, will be the focus of the paid-off U.S. Senate panel farce err…  hearing, led by Carl Levin, who could not find a real job even if he were staring at a “Help Wanted” sign.   So the question will be, will this be real hearing or a way for U.S. senators to find free stock tips?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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