120808 – Feds Brainwashing Scheme

Today’s Items:

Iran’s Currency Devaluation

The people in Iran have seen inflation and now, they are going to see their currency devaluated 5%.   Economic warfare against Iran is beginning to have an effect.   The IMF admits the sanctions are designed to break the country and force it to run up an external deficit. Currency devaluation will undoubtedly feed inflation and hurt the population of Iran.   Nothing like aiming an economic weapon at the innocent.

Spain Refuses To Be Bailed Out If There Are New Conditions

It looks as if the Spanish may be taking a second look at any bailout schemes by the IMF or the Euro-zone.   They may actually be looking at Iceland and wondering…   Perhaps we can get on the bandwagon and start indicting the corrupt politicians and bankers.   Let’s hope so.   The pain may be harsh; however, it will be short-lived compared to economic slavery being  put forth by international bankers.

U.S. Mint Selling More Silver than Gold

One week into August and the U.S. Mint has sold 4000 ounces of gold and 765,000 ounces of silver.   The U.S. mint is selling 191.25 times as much physical silver as gold.   This is a rate that is completely unsustainable.   At some point, the breaking moment will be reached and silver demand will force silver prices to sky rocket.   With that in mind, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Bernanke: Students Must be Wise with College Loans

Sugar Daddy Bernanke says taking on debt to pay for college can be an important way of increasing one’s earning potential.   What!?!   Yes, he goes on to say that it can become a financial burden if it does not lead to a good job; however, one should avoid a school loan that is more stringent than a mortgage.   In short, if in debt, get out of debt and if not in debt, avoid it.

This Is Why Gold & Oil May Explode Higher In August

The first round of QE was announced during a Jackson Hole Summit in late 2008.   The upcoming meeting at Jackson Hole will be in August.   In addition, if war begins to engulf on a broader scope in the Middle-East, this will add to the upward pressure in prices for commodities.

Federal Reserve Brainwashing Scheme

People are catching on to the criminal enterprise that is the Federal Reserve System.   They are beginning to realize that it is designed to help a few people at the expense of society.   Now, the Officials at the Federal Reserve want to address educators on how to best brainwash students into not questioning the actions of the Federal Reserve.  Will it work? Not likely at this rate.  Thanks to the internet, the proverbial genie has been released and more and more people know the facts.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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