Clothing Preparaton For SHTF!


I want to talk to you about clothing when things get really bad.   No, I do not mean the latest trends.

First, let’s talk about shoes. You are going to need shoes that will require very little maintenance and will be able to last, not months, but years of harsh conditions.   This means those shoes you bought at the second-hand store are just not going to cut it.   My idea, and I am certainly open to constructive suggestions on this, are to get a good set of steel-tipped work boats and wear them in now.   Perhaps, a set of non-flashy cowboy boots, or military boots, could work very well.

Next, lets talk about your attire. Sorry, tuxedos and dresses will not due for this special occasion.   A good idea, on top of jeans and lots of t-shirts, I believe, is to have at least two pair of quality working coveralls that will last years.   Coveralls are versatile for staying warm when it is cold outside and vice-verse.   Try to get a size that will allow a little extra room for any additional clothing, if necessary.

You will need to have plenty of underwear unless you decide to use the 4 day rule for underwear.   You know, wear the underwear the first day, then wear it inside out on the second day, then for the third – exchange with a friend.   Thankfully, friends like these are hopefully few and far between.

Anyway you really do not want to be walking around with holy underwear, or holy socks for that matter; therefore, stock up on those. Also, do not forget thermal underwear, gloves, and socks to help keep you warm when things get really cold.

Now, lets address those Vacuum bags to store a large amount of clothing in a small space.   This is a great idea for those articles that are not fluffed up with air for insulation.   The vacuum will suck out that air and could easily render items, like sleeping bags and padded jackets, useless. Hopefully, you are addressing your wardrobe needs.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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