120727 – 2nd Amendment for Hunting?

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Today’s Items:

Big Trouble in China

Forget the movie “Big Trouble in Little China“, according to Gordon Chang, China may be in big trouble.   More bubbles may be popping in China as the ensuing global economic collapse accelerates.   This is one the main reasons that the Chinese, even though their economy is still growing above the official 5% growth for now, are concerned enough to backstop their economy with physical gold.

Hong Kong Completing 1,000 Ton Gold Vault

In Hong Kong, they are completing work on its largest gold vault due to open in September which can hold 22% of the gold that is supposedly held within Fort Knox.   Not saying that Fort Knox is empty; however, the vault could be used as a large janitorial closet.   Anyway, this signals the growing interest from China, currently the world’s second largest consumer of gold, in owning physical gold bullion.

Down Goes Britain

As a harbinger of what is to come to the U.S., the economic crisis that is sweeping Europe is starting to hit Britain really hard. During the fourth quarter of 2011, the UK economy shrunk by 0.4 percent.   During the second quarter of 2012, the UK economy shrunk by 0.7 percent. The economic slowdown is very likely to get even worse.

Deep Fried Black Swan Goes Global

By now, many know of the severe U.S. drought; however, the drought is spreading from the U.S. to Asia and it is now in Southern Europe.   The monsoon season in Asia is 22% below normal. In Southern Europe, the heat wave is causing corn crops, responsible for 16% of global exports, to wither.   Better get your food supply, and protection, ready now before the riots come to a neighborhood near you.

Newsweek Likely to Become Digital Magazine

Looks like Newsweek, will become a digital magazine by next year.   Of course, because it will only be digital, it will most likely require a subscription to access.   The question is, with so many other more reliable sources, why would anyone want to pay for this digital rag site that is a digital version of “Air America”?

2nd Amendment for Hunting?

Obama still does not have a clue when it comes to the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.   He states that AK-47s belong on battlefield, not the streets.   Well, according to both Holder and Obama, they also belong to Mexican drug cartels as well.   In regards to the streets…   One look at Detroit, or Chicago, and they are essentially a battlefield. Do not trust a government that does not want you to have a gun.   As Thomas Jefferson stated, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”   In short, the 2nd amendment is to allow the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government that has forgotten the U.S. Constitution.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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